The 34%

As I am in the habit of doing in the mornings, I scanned my Facebook feed for news. Somewhat predictably, a Trump fan had posted a Washington Post article about how, yet again, Trump and his team were out organized on the ground for delegates. This particular article, aptly titled, “Cruz wins majority of delegates at Virginia convention” notes that Cruz won the majority of the delegates at yesterday’s Virginia state convention.

Already I have seen complaints from Trump supporters about the will of the people being thwarted and “we the people” and “the rules.” Not just in Virginia, but just about everywhere as they have come to the realization that their candidate, aided and abetted by media eager for headlines, has reached the position he is in because of billions of dollars in free media and a multi-(multi!) candidate field, not because of a well-organized campaign.

The well-organized campaign in this election is Ted Cruz’s campaign because it was built to win against the likes of Jeb Bush, the campaign that many felt was going to have the money and the coronation. Trump, the half-hearted protest candidate, threw out catch phrases like “building a wall” and “Make America Great Again,” got media attention, some headlines and the disaffected lost their minds and their panties (the latter having been thrown on stage).

But make no mistake-his is not a well-organized campaign and as I noted last week, with the godless and liberal Northeast behind us, Trump is like the 800m runner reaching the homestretch leading and looking like a boss. Except for the fact that he’s literally out of gas and the last 100m are going to be a death march.

As I wrote last week:

The 800lb gorilla is about to jump on Trump’s back and he’s going to start flailing down the finishing straight, complaining the entire time about a “rigged” system that has rewarded him 100% of delegates for winning 35% of the vote in some states. There is a very good chance that instead of crossing the finish line in first, Trump falls flat on his face.

Which brings me to today’s post title. The 34%. Well, the 34.7% that Trump won in Virginia, which at the time was enough to edge out Marco Rubio and win Virginia on March 1st. Remember, on March 1st there were 5 candidates in the race. There are now only two and a half and as delegates are being selected, the 65.3% of people that did not vote for Trump on March 1st in Virginia are looking for a legitimate alternative. That legitimate alternative is Ted Cruz, proving what he and his campaign have said all along: give us a one on one with Trump and we will clean his clock.

Back to my “somewhat predictably” comment at the beginning of this post. Trump and his followers, either unaware of the rules or what the “will of the people” actually is, are going to start screaming that the process is rigged or that their will is being circumvented and rules broken.

Nothing could be further from the truth. That me write that again in bold with italics for added emphasis: Nothing could be further from the truth. I was tempted to go all caps there as that appears to be the language the Branch Davidians communicate with on social media, but I digress. . .

Watch for this to play out over the next few weeks as the minority of voters in the GOP primary, many of whom aren’t even registered Republicans given the open primaries that have already occurred, complain about a process they know nothing of and insist that they rule the party nomination process.

The majority of registered Republicans have voted against their candidate for a reason. It is now only fitting that in the actual delegate process, far away from the bright lights of the media pushing a foul mouthed reality star as the “presumptive nominee,” that the will of the people is actually playing out.

The majority of GOP voters are now having their voice heard.

And it is a beautiful thing.

Most already know this, but for those of you just tuning in, I do considerable work for the pro-Cruz super PAC, Trusted Leadership. What does that mean? I am only mostly objective.



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