The 4 Most Counter Cultural Words

Erick opened Thursday’s edition of The Erick Erickson Show with these headlines:

California legislation would criminalize climate change dissent 

California moves to criminalize undercover filming at Planned Parenthood 

Media has dedicated 54 times more coverage to the gorilla than the Chicago shootings

The Sims removes gender boundaries from video games

Massachusetts GOP Governor to sign law imposing the transgender agenda on residents without a faith based exception.

“When Moses wrote the first 4 words of the Bible, ‘In the beginning God’ it was completely counter cultural because every other known society believed in multiple gods” says Erickson. “So when Moses said that God created the sun, moon and stars, this was completely counter cultural because other societies believed the moon was a god, the sun was a god and the tree was a god.”

“And now with all of these stories dealing with transgenderism and environmentalism, we’ve come full circle. It is counter cultural again to say ‘In the beginning God’ because the left does not believe in God.”

Erick ended by saying, “The most counter cultural words when Moses wrote them, are still the most counter cultural words today”.


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