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Every week the President does at least one thing to disappoint me. Today it was his call for a ban on 527s. It’s his fault anyway. He signed that awful law.

Citizens should have the right to use their money and have their voice heard. We forget that before 1973, people could spend unlimited sums to do that and some people would never have been nominated for President without a few generous souls stepping forward to help the candidates.

There is nothing wrong with that so long as there is full disclosure and no personal financial gain from a victory. Why can’t we participate.

This was a stupid move by the President. Another pander.

But, do I have to repeat it? He is still better than John Kerry.

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  • Dear Erick,

    This was not a pander nor a stupid move. It was a brilliant move. Rather than saying, rightly, that the Dems did it firstest and biggest he is letting the media “uncover” that story, making the Dems look petty and whiny.

    You will find it a lot easier to understand GWB if you will repeat 100 times: “George W. Bush is the smartest, wiliest politician in living memory”. My living memory goes back to Harry Truman.

    I thought Ike was pretty cagey and Reagan was a master at setting up the other guys as straight men.

    Bush is a master at getting the other guys to leap and then revealing the rocks at the bottom. He doesn’t immediately respond to attacks. He waits until the other side, out of frustration, gets itself out on a limb. They exhaust all of the arguments then Bush picks the weakest and draws it to its logical conclusion. He wins with sweet reason.

    This is the case with the 527’s: Kerry is damned if he agrees and damned if he doesn’t. Gay marriage: propose a Constitutional Amendment – completely removes it from the current political discussion. The 9/11 commission – don’t fight them, agree and tie it up in the legislative process. GWB has an agenda. It is not lengthy but it is grand: fight terrorism, lower taxes. All other issues are finessed and deflected. He fights only thosebattles that count.


  • I was upset when I heard about Bush and the 527s also. However, if you visit the Swift Boat Vets’ site, you’ll see they aren’t that upset about it.
    Some are. Most seem to think it a smart move and not an attack against them at all.

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