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The Adoption Tax Credit Should Be Non-Negotiable

The Republican Party claims it believes in dynamic scoring of tax cuts and various budgetary policies. Here is a fact. It costs the federal government more to help states care for children in foster care and orphanages each year than it does to give the adoption tax credit. The tax credit incentivizes lower and middle income families adopting children, removing those children from state care and taking them off government support.

On top of that, the children who remain in foster care and orphanages long term tend to then be at greater risk for crime, substance abuse, and government benefits due to unemployment or low wages. Placing these children in adoptive families long term lowers their costs to society and, in most cases, makes them actually be responsible long term tax payers.

In other words, the adoption tax credit actually leads to the creation of net new taxpayers. Dynamically, the GOP should be giving the adoption tax credit and even adding to it.

On a more practical side, but for the adoption tax credit, many families who have the heart to adopt simply cannot afford the process. Both domestic and foreign adoptions are very costly affairs and the wealthier an American is the less likely he is to adopt. Adoptions are in middle income families where the cost of an adoption will more often than not exceed a family’s annual income. They get help from churches and family in many cases, but they rely on the adoption tax credit. It is no coincidence that adoption rates in the United States went up after the adoption tax credit was enacted.

The GOP continues to fund Planned Parenthood while calling itself the pro-life, pro-family party. The adoption tax credit is a no brainer, saves the government money long term, and helps children in need. Use our action center below to tell your member of Congress and Senators to demand the GOP put the adoption tax credit in their tax reform plan.

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