The American Brexit is Official: Perspective on the Inauguration of Donald Trump

Donald Trump was destined to become the 45th President of the United States last June when Britons voted to exit the European Union. Progressive global elites were stunned that voters would reject their utopian vision for the global future. Yet, British voters chose the nation-state over international integration that erases national identity and autonomy. What the British voted for in June is what Americans voted for in November.

The 58th Presidential Inauguration in Washington was the American equivalent of implementing the Brexit vote in old England. Americans want their government to fight for their interests and represent their identity first. Americans voted to re-invoke the charter of our founding, that in this country the people rule. This Inauguration, like the Trump movement, was bigger than Donald Trump himself; it was about the forgotten citizens of this country who have long felt that their voice no longer mattered. 

The aura of the inaugural was one of pride in America more than it was pride in a president. Trump tapped into the desire of the American people to regain American autonomy and identity. Instead of pushing an agenda that is globalist-centric, the people want our government to make our national policy America-centric. 

When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir fired-up their inaugural rendition of America The Beautiful between the oaths of office, the people responded powerfully. The individual voices of hundreds of thousands came together in one resounding refrain of patriotic fervor. For eight years we have endured a president who apologized for America and lectured Americans; today our president praised our country’s culture and values, while encouraging Americans to achieve new heights of American greatness. 

The real work of the new Administration begins tomorrow, but today was a thawing of the American spirit. While Donald Trump is an imperfect vessel, his message of American pride is something a weary nation needed to hear after a decade and a half of war, eight years of economic stagnation, and government overreach that has stifled American ingenuity. Today’s inaugural ceremony was succinct, respectful, and full of promise for the future. 

The people have given a mandate to the new President and Republican government to return power to the states and to the people, instead of continuing the policy of concentrated power in the capital. The most powerful, and well-received, line of the President’s Inaugural Address came near the end when he declared January 20th, 2017, “the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.” 

Americans want their country back. We want to feel that our government is working on behalf of the people of this nation, not for powerful global elites who have long set national policy by controlling politicians in Washington. Trump will succeed only if he keeps his core promise of divesting power from Washington and giving it back to its rightful owners: We the People of the United States.

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