THE ANTI-SCIENCE LEFT CAUGHT ON TAPE: Gender Studies Professor Says There’s No Such Thing as “Biological Sex”

I thought they believed sex and gender were two different things? Not this person. S/he thinks that there is no such thing as biological sex. Either way you take that phrase, this is anti-science.

I assure you that my wife did not just immaculately conceive my two kids. But also, my kids were born one male and one female. That is their biological sex. That is also their gender because gender is a synonym for the word “sex” used for when people do not want to use the word “sex,” but hijacked by Orwellian leftists to now mean something you can pick and choose.

But along the way, this dear soul now believes there is no such thing as biological sex. Notice s/he refuses to give any evidence.

I thought it was conservatives who were anti-science.

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