The Autopen

Perhaps I am unfeeling, but I am not horrified that Rumsfeld used an autopen to sign condolence letters. In fact, I’d be shocked if he did do it personally. I know Presidents use to sign condolence letters personally, but I think this is a small issue.

To the families it might be personally insulting, but I doubt all of the families feel that way. Rumsfeld needs to be focused on the living soldier and how to keep him alive. I think this is a nonissue driven by political hostility towards Rumsfeld.

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  • Rumsfeld is the current target of the left and other politicals who have ties in the Pentagon. I hope Pres. Bush stands by the SECDEF until this bull blows over.

  • I mourn each and every life lost. But I would much Rumsfeld every single second of his day, trying to keep the members of our military ALIVE.

    I agree with Hank, this is politically motivated with Rumsfeld in the cross-hairs. The press is only to happy to fuel the fires…Rummy has always had the upper hand in press briefings, which I have enjoyed with great amusement.