The Baby Killer vs. The Rapist

Hlllary Clinton supports abortion on demand. She believes that until the moment a child completely exits the womb that women have a legal right to crack open the child’s skull, suck out its brains, and rip it apart. She is unfit for the Presidency.

Donald Trump is being sued for raping a minor. The case has proceeded and hearings are upcoming. On a recently discovered video, Donald Trump brags about trying to get a married woman fired from her job because she would not, in his words, “f–k” him. He then bragged that by virtue of his celebrity he is able to grab women by their genitals and get away with it.

Those were not words. Those were Trump describing his actions. That was Donald Trump bragging about being able to commit sexual assault. He is unfit for the Presidency.

Now Trump’s voters are making excuses for him bragging about sexual assault in the same way Hillary Clinton made excuses for her husband doing the same. His supporters, including pastors, have become what they claim to despise.

In fact, Trump’s supporters hate the Democrats and for years have pointed out the Democrats have no shame. The Democrats apologized for a KKK member in the Senate and a Kennedy who killed a lady in a river. But after years of blasting the Democrats for circling the wagons around moral cretins, Trump’s supporters say we must do it for him. They have become what they despise.

We are told by men like Robert Jeffress; Jerry Falwell, Jr.; Ralph Reed; James Dobson; Reince Priebus; and others that we have to support the rapist lest the baby killer get elected.

Like hell.

I do not have to give my support to either a rapist or a baby killer. I can choose to abstain, which in a democracy is as powerful an act as voting. Rejecting both as moral cretins sends a powerful message that we will not settle for those who revel in sin.

If we settle now for Trump, next time the same people telling us to vote for the rapist so the baby killer does not get elected will be telling us to vote for the baby killer instead of the baby killer who wants to use our tax dollars to fund the murder. We will always get less and we will always get worse if we settle for immorality now.

I do not have to choose the woman who supports killing children.

I do not have to choose the man on trial for rape.

And neither do you.

God has never asked his people to choose between two evils and he is not going to start now. Whoever gets elected is God’s will. Let His will be done. But don’t presume voting for a moral cretin is His will. God has never asked you to vote. He’s asked you to put your trust in Him, not men.

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