The Beginning Of The Unraveling Of Trump?

For the first time, Donald Trump has cancelled a rally “due to safety concerns.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has cancelled a rally in Chicago, calling off the event due to safety concerns after protesters packed into the arena where it was to take place.

The announcement that Trump would postpone the rally for another day led the crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion to break out into raucous cheers.

Meanwhile, supporters of the candidate broke out into chants of “We want Trump! We want Trump!”

There’s a point in a campaign where people begin to push back. It reminds me of the pivotal scene in the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” where Homer Stokes asks “Is you is, or is you ain’t my constituency?” as a group of men enter the room to run him off on a rail.

Fomenting violence in a campaign matters. Donald Trump’s weak dismissal of the violent anger at his rallies as “love” matters. That kind of “love” will cause people to get hurt. When you have to eject people from every single rally, while you preside over it like a Boss Hogg county judge, it doesn’t discourage violence. When your own campaign manager manhandles a reporter and instead of firing him, you double down on the insults and denials, it certainly doesn’t discourage violence.

We may be seeing the beginning of the unraveling of Trump’s perfect love-in. Honestly, I won’t shed a tear if it is.

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