The Benefit of Being A Christian

Christy’s boss, this morning, rightly pointed out that Presbyterians have a healthy belief in providence and we need to balance that out with grace. He’s right. And I’m a firm believer in grace and the power of prayer. We see the power of both today. it’s like a new day, but we’re both emotionally exhausted now.

As you can tell from reading here this week, matters of life and death have weighed heavily on me. Spending those awful six hours on Friday trying not to, but not being able not to, think of life without Christy and holding Evelyn in the grass in the front yard crying, sobbing, trying to talk to a 15 month old who didn’t really understand, but knew enough to put her hands on Daddy’s face and smile, has been a heavy burden now relieved.

And through this all it has been impossible to not feel the power of prayers from so many friends and strangers both.

Christy and I were talking about all of this last Tuesday and I told her I had thought how sorry I feel for atheists. My worst case scenario is that God does not exist and all in this life ends when my body ends. That is their *best* case scenario. Their worst case scenario is that there is a heaven and there is a hell and the odds of them getting in to heaven when at death they did not accept the Lord is not exactly good.

Of course most atheists mock believers as being stupid. In fact, the “new” atheists like to call themselves “bright.” I cannot expect someone to have walked in Christy’s and my shoes for this past week and still deny the saving power of Christ.

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