‘The Bern’ Surging While Hillary Gets Deja Vu From 2008

We haven’t even passed the Iowa caucuses yet, and Hillary is having a major case of deja vu with her poll numbers sinking and Bernie Sanders surging.

The Vermont senator wins 49 percent of likely caucusgoers in the Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday, compared to Clinton’s 44 percent. It’s a significant drop for the former secretary of State from last month’s Quinnipiac poll, which had her up by 11 percent.

Sanders is boosted by his 30-point lead among men, a significantly higher favorability rating, and more favorable views of his character traits and values. He’s seen as a better steward of the economy and climate change, while Clinton wins on foreign policy, terrorism and healthcare.

Sanders already leads by more than the margin of error in every New Hampshire poll except the discredited PPP. And now he’s retaken the lead in Iowa.

In 2008, Hillary was also the presumptive nominee, until a young senator from Illinois showed up and spoiled her day. (Hillary barely won N.H. in 2008, and went on to make it an actual race until the late spring, but never recovered from Iowa.)

This cycle, if Hillary loses Iowa and N.H., it could become embarrassing for her as Bernie never looks back. Apparently, running on a “I’m a woman, vote for me” campaign fails if you run against a young black man or an old white man. It just fails if you’re Hillary Clinton, period.

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