The Best Fine Dining In $15 Minimum Wage San Francisco: McDonalds

The rest of the restaurants will likely be closed or moved outside the Bay Area. With a $15 an hour minimum wage hike set to hit next year, that’s exactly what will happen. And the only reason McDonalds will survive is because they’ll automate everything and run the store with 3 people and an off-duty cop to keep the homeless out of the bathrooms.

I mean, was there anyone outside of the card-carrying communists who run San Francisco that didn’t see this coming?

I think not. The Wall Street Journal noted one publication reporting “at least 60 Bay Area restaurants have closed since September,” and another calling the spate of closures a “death march.”

Last year the San Francisco Chronicle looked at 20 years’ of menus from top restaurants and reported that prices had jumped 52% since 2005, twice the rate of inflation. But increasing prices isn’t a panacea for restaurant owners. “There’s only so much you can charge for tamales,” the owner of a small eatery said in 2015 to explain one reason he was closing.

It’s really a rainbow-unicorn belief in their own “specialness” that’s driving San Francisco to economic suicide. They really do think that tourists and business visitors are A-okay paying $35 for an appetizer or $200 a plate for a decent fine dining restaurant (before the wine). That’s so the dishwasher (who is probably an illegal undocumented alien) can earn a “living wage” of $15/hour.

The dishwasher will probably eat at McDonalds.

If there’s a silver lining to San Francisco’s culinary struggles, it’s that other cities, even ones run by Democrats, are realizing the arguments for a $15 minimum wage don’t match reality. In March, Baltimore’s mayor, Catherine Pugh, vetoed a measure that would have raised the local mandate to $15 by 2022. “I want people to earn better wages,” she told this newspaper. “But I also want my city to survive.”

Fat chance. Baltimore residents know they are mortals. They might be liberal, but there’s a limit to the delusion. West coast liberals are in a whole different league of mescaline-induced fantasy.

My advice to anyone living in San Francisco is first, to move if you can. But if you can’t, learn how to cook at home, or get used to a lot of fast food. Because when this minimum wage kicks in, that’s all you’re going to be able to buy for under $200.

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