The Big 12, BYU and Religious Discrimination

Back in the day, I ran on scholarship for the University of Kansas. My main event was the 800m and my first year at KU was our first year in the Big 12. It was the dawn of the new power conference. Out was the old Big 8, in was the Big 12 as we added the Texas schools (Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Baylor).

With the fluctuation in recent years due to various athletic contracts and conferences reforming themselves, the Big 12 has really been ten schools as Colorado has joined the PAC 12, Nebraska the Big 10 and Missouri and Texas A&M the SEC while TCU and West Virginia have joined the Big 12.

If you followed the math and movement above, you’ll realize that the Big 12 is two schools short of the number “12.”

In an attempt to fill those two remaining slots, the Big 12 actively started recruiting schools. On the short list are BYU, Houston and Cincinnati.

Well, at least BYU was on the list. . .might be on the list. . .no one knows for sure if they are on the list anymore.

The cause? Well, one of them is that BYU has an honor code of conduct that students sign before entering the institution. From sex, drugs, alcohol, the code of conduct applies to both homosexual and heterosexual students. The central element? Chastity.

You want to go to BYU? You sign the code of conduct and you are in, but also bound to honor it.

In a culture where everyone does what is right in their own eyes, this is not just a slap in the face to the relativism of our current culture, it’s a punch in the gut. One can almost here the politically correct saying, “Hoooow dare they!”

Add to it that BYU does not play any sports on Sundays and the Big 12 is reconsidering inviting BYU to join the Big 12.

Driving this potential reverse of course? The gay community howling in protest that an institution that demands students of all stripes honor their honor code not be allowed to join the Big 12 because they are not inclusive. The line of reasoning goes something like this: “We will not allow you to be included because you are not inclusive. . . .”

Iowa State’s student government, not wishing to be left behind in this mad dash towards the edge of insanity, voted against BYU joining the Big 12.

Chew on that for a second. Iowa State.

Here’s the bottom line. BYU has an honor code based on the theology of the the Latter Day Saints, elements of which I have differences with, but nonetheless, it is a religious code in a nation founded upon the principles ensconced in the First Amendment.

The irreligious left, striving to re-create an America in their own image, is seeking to make an example of BYU. You want to have an honor code based on religion? Welcome to your own island, because you aren’t joining ours.

If you love the First Amendment, if you love religion and what it does for society when its members practice simple principles (like knowing right from wrong and treating their fellow man well), then the fight over new members in the Big 12 should worry you.

Seeking to stamp out dissent and to ostracize those who are not like them, the irreligious are on the march in the United States.

It is time that we as lovers of the First Amendment go on offense.

The vision of the Founders was that society and culture would operate in a neutral pendulum position, the positive gravitational pull being the Constitution itself.

That is not where we are today

It is time to fight to get the pendulum back to neutral.




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