The Case Against American Universities: Exhibit 11,329

One of the most entertaining things is to watch the elites of academia pretend that the universities and colleges they run aren’t hotbeds of leftwing bias and propaganda. In the age of the internet, it’s simply impossible to keep something as obvious as that hidden from the public eye.

Take the recent lawsuit filed against Cal State San Marcos, a radical leftist institution that has apparently been funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars from mandatory student fees to promote exclusively liberal political causes. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that Cal State San Marcos is a public institution – meaning government run.

Thus, when they shove over a quarter of a million dollars into the Gender Equity Center and the LGBTQA Pride Center so that they can bring in speakers and facilitate perverse campus events, while simultaneously refusing to give $500 to the campus Students for Life group to bring in a speaker, it is a pretty clear case of content-based discrimination.

That’s what the lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom argues, anyway:

“In the 2016-2017 academic year, those two ‘centers’ received a combined $296,498 for speech and expressive activities – more than 21 percent of all mandatory student activity fees the programming board received for that year – compared to only $38,629 for the more than 100 other groups combined,” states the news release published Thursday by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Students for Life at CSUSM.

The money disparity is bad enough, but the moral disparity between the funded and unfunded groups is even more astounding. Both “centers” that have been flooded with revenue represent the fringe of sexual revolutionary philosophy, encouraging infantile behavior like “Sex Toy Pleasure Parties” and a workshop called “Kink 101.” For those unfamiliar with the terminology, “kink” refers to the promotion of fetish-sex including bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism.

So how does Cal State San Marcos defend this stupidity? About like you’d expect:

“Cal State San Marcos is committed to fostering a diverse and open campus environment where a host of ideas and views can be discussed.”

Sucking mandatory fees from your students to help fund sex toy parties isn’t “fostering a diverse and open campus,” guys. It’s fostering callous immaturity and juvenile irresponsibility. And refusing to put a meager $500 towards a pro-life campus speaker isn’t encouraging an “open environment where a host of ideas can be discussed.” It’s discouraging discussion of ideas that run afoul of the administration’s liberal orthodoxy.

Time will tell how the lawsuit plays out; but if anything, the geniuses running Cal State San Marcos have offered yet another solid piece of evidence as to why the best thing that could happen to America’s university system is for it to be burnt to the ground.

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