The Clintonian Compulsion to Lie

Poor, sad Hillary. The press just so mistreated her and her husband in the 90’s. She just has such a bad relationship with the press. They are just so hard on her. It is such a double standard. Poor, poor Hillary.

That is what the Clintons and their allies peddle around to sympathetic voices. Poor Hillary has to be so guarded because there is such a double standard. It is nonsense, but even the press believes it. The flogging of Matt Lauer this past week for daring to ask questions was the equivalent of a campaign memo to get with the talking points program.

The reality is that Bill and Hillary Clinton are compulsive liars in the public eye. They lie with straight faces and conviction as if they truly believe the lie is true. It is a pathological need on their part.

Had Hillary Clinton fessed up last week that she had pneumonia, the news stories about her coughing would die down. The stories about her leaving the 9/11 Memorial would slow down. But the Clintons had to lie. First, they said, it was so hot. Even the press was willing to believe it until too many people pointed out it was 72°F at the time with a cool breeze and low humidity.

It took seven hours for the Clinton campaign to finally say Hillary had pneumonia.

Don’t blame conservatives now for wondering if there might be more to it. Had the Clintons just been honest up front, none of this would have happened. But they could not be honest and now should not be surprised when people suspect there might be something more than pneumonia at work.

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