Evidence teams investigate at the scene of Saturday's explosion on West 23rd Street in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

The Closing of the Liberal Mind Leads to Trump’s Presidency

More and more in this country and around the world, when there is a terrorist attack we can depend on liberals to open their mouths and pour forth what they perceive as wit and wisdom and what Americans generally perceive as dumbassery.

Witness, if you will, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest going on television the Monday following terrorist bombings in New York and New Jersey and a knife attack in Minnesota. He claims we are in a battle of narratives with ISIS. I do not believe it was a narrative that wounded dozens of people in New York on Saturday night. Nor was it a narrative piercing the bodies of people in Minnesota.

Then there is MSNBC’s Chris Hayes with this gem:

Yes, it is true that the shrapnel wounded, but did not kill people. Being charitable to Chris, I get his meaning. Had the terrorist armed up and been on the streets of New York, there would be dead bodies. But in this day and age, the left’s reflexive jump to gun control on so many issues puts them at odds with a significant portion of the American public.

Likewise, it is worth noting that the knife attacking terrorist in Minnesota was stopped by a well trained law abiding citizen with a gun.

In the early two thousands, the left accused conservatives of closing their minds to new ideas. Convinced that everyone agreed with them, the right was oblivious that a growing number of people did not agree with them. The same now is happening to the left. From transgenderism to gun rights to handling and confronting radical Islam and terror, the left is convinced everybody agrees with them. The reality is that more and more Americans do not. And as the left boldly steps forward to pontificate on these issues, it drives more and more Americans into the arms of Donald Trump.

Ultimately, a growing number of Americans are scared. Their fear is not that Donald Trump will become President. That is what the left fears. Normal Americans actually fear suicide bombers in our shopping malls and IEDs in our garbage cans. The latter is happening. It is only a matter of time before the former happens. But the left, including the current President, views this as a battle of narratives, not of lives. When Americans fear for their own lives, they are going to embrace the strong man who promises to keep them safe. That’s Trump, not Hillary.

That the left does not see this and thinks everyone agrees with them only advances Donald Trump ever closer to the White House. And he advances deservedly.

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