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I let the moonbats (and Linda) have their say in the comments. I am now deleting the comments that are filled with profanity. This is, after all, a family site.

I stand by my criticism of Sheehan. She’s an anti-American moonbat hiding behind her dead son to avoid criticism. The comments sections will remain open, but language will be moderated.

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  • Your comments are the rants of a true lunatic. It is not anti-American to protest an immoral war, started by people who lied about their rationale for going to war. You and your stripe seem not to care that the war was started by a president who is using his inexplicable charisma to pretend to champion the cause of the common man, but who in fact is in the pocket of big business. You support this idiot president who is favored by religious extremists and who uses religion as a political weapon. You and all like you, wittingly or not, are contributing to the rise of a fascist state. To top it off, you’re the sort of pretender who likes to label himself a Christian. Your words say that you are something very different.

  • What exactly is “unAmerican” about dissent and a pure expression of free speech? I find it quite telling how the GOP is lashing out against yet another courageous patriot who dares to find words to criticize a failed, corrupt, fraudulant president. Every person who has dared step forward to utter the truth has been immediately and soundly slaughtered by the rightwing smear machine. Why? Since when has dissent become “unAmerican” and unacceptable. Oh yeah, right about the same time that the GOP took over the reigns of democracy and turned it into something else.

    For some odd reason, I don’t seem to recall any rightwingnuts lambasting their own as being “unAmerican” for speaking out against Bill Clinton, do you? Is there something in particular about this failed president that makes any dissenting opinion of him “unAmerican?” Oh yeah…you cannot defend him in any way, can you? You have no choice but to shut down debate by smearing a voice in order to divert attention and avoid the difficult truths being exposed. I pity you all. One day, you will all regret the shameful, disgraceful, unAmerican manner in which you’ve attacked true patriots, just as your ancestors did in the first American revolution.

    Of course, for anyone on the left, the surest sign that their message is truthful and is being heard loud and clear by all, is that the right has once again fired up their character assassination machine, rather than discuss the core issues that Ms. Sheehan is highlighting. I suppose it’s terribly difficult to be a George Bush supporter these days, with public “approval” ratings hovering right about toilet level, a majority of Americans now convinced that he’s a terminal liar, and 2/3 of the public opposing his little illegal war in Iraq. How can one possibly defend that, except to demonize and smear opponents? How sad, and how tragic that their most common targets are loyal civil servants, critical CIA operatives, decorated war heroes, and now a fallen soldier’s angry mother. One might be able to compehend the GOP tactics of smearing and demonizing if they were actually attacking enemies of this country, but they’re attacking citizens who happen to also be true patriots. How telling.

    The GOP is losing it. They’re losing their grip on power, and it’s terrifying them into this irrational behavior. The more they continue these bizarre tactics, the more the masses will begin to see them for what they really are. Dangerously anti-American, undemocratic, power hungry zealots and extremists who know absolutely no limits in their quest to maintain control by any means possible. This is a truly frightening group of people now, because they’re backed into a corner and they know it. Expect anything in the coming weeks and months, as more and more damning information is brought forth to condemn this corrupt administration and their partners in crime in the GOP. The great meltdown of the GOP has begun.

  • The reason the critics of Bill Clinton were not unamerican was because Bill Clinton had no respect for family values by engaging in adultery. Lying about bjs is an entirely more serious offense than lying about why one should go to war, the consequences for the nation are clearly more serious in the former case.

    By the way I appreciate your making this a family friendly site we’d hate to encourage mothers to channel the grief of their son in political ways that violate the norms of American family values.

  • Dear Leftist Loonies:

    The GOP, as much as you would like to believe, is not dead. The Democrats are toast, and hopefully we will see some Libertarians to start to dominate the Republican Party. We do not need three parties to split the vote, but we do need some real conservative minded people to run for offices. There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so you need to get out of your delusional brain-washed state of mind and come to terms with this fact.

    And if you do not think that large caches of suicide vests and millions of dollars buried in schools are not weapons of mass destruction, then you have not witnessed the devastation that one person wearing a suicide vest can do! This war could have been avoided if we would not have had a derelict President in office for eight years, and slick President Clinton destroyed the dignity of the office of President. Members of the military, for the most part, had no respect for President Clinton. And I can tell you for a fact that my son speaks for a good many Marines, and he has the upmost respect for President Bush.

  • The problem is that many of you smart-mouthed men do not have enough courage to serve time in the military, and I mean every one of you (Republican and Democrat alike). Many of you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and are so wet behind the ears that it is ridiculous. We need for all able bodied men to serve their country, no ifs, ands or buts. Since Vietnam, we have those that can afford to go to college avoiding serving our Country and this is wrong.

    Do something productive with your time, and adopt a soldier that you can mail personal items to or send them a telephone card. Find a soldier’s wife that can use some help to repair something broken at home or write a check to a fund that takes care of disabled vets. Stop criticizing this war as being the war of the GOP, and realize that it is our war that must be won. Our future is in our hands, and we should be one big family united to bring our soldiers home when the mission is complete. And for goodness sakes, please respect each and every soldier that has honorably served our Country for now and forever. If you have the opportunity, hire a soldier to work for you.

  • //The GOP, as much as you would like to believe, is not dead.//

    Really? Tell me; what principle does the GOP stand for today?

    Is it the “sanctity of life,” when they invade in a personal family struggle to provide some dignity and closure to a difficult situation and decision regarding a private, personal wish to end a terminal life by removing artificial life support? No, I don’t think so, because the GOP did nothing to prevent a 6 month old infant from being terminated at the same time that Terri Shaivo was being exploited by them, and we all know how much the GOP adores state sponsored murder through capital punishment and endless wars.

    Is it “fiscal responsibility?” Please.

    Is it “moral values?” Let’s see…how many current GOP politicians are currently either under indictment, under investigation, or under arrest for criminal conduct? Let’s not go there.

    Is it “Christian family values?” Yeah, you bet. Let’s ask Newtie and Rush about Christian family values, shall we?

    Is it “honor and integrity in the white house?” Yeah, you bet. This administration is, without any question, the most abusive, arrogant, corrupt, fraudulant administration to ever mislead this nation. If one could compile the lies and misrepresentations of this corrupt white house, it would take a monumental volume to put it all in print. “Worse than Nixon” is not just a catch phrase.

    The GOP no longer stands for anything of value, honor, or respect. The represent nothing but all-encompassing power at any and all costs. They care nothing about democracy, individual rights, freedoms, or rule of law. So long as they retain power, all is well. This, my friends, is a terrifying threat to American democracy. The GOP is unbridled, uncontrolled, unrestrained rot and vile corruption, through and through.

    Btw, Linda, I’ve served honorably in the military, which is far, far more than your President Pinnochio could ever say, isn’t it? Draft dodger, AWOL deserter. Nice hero to worship. This IS a GOP war, and more specifically, this is George W. Bush’s illegal war. Had the white house not lied to congress, the democrats would NEVER have gone along with, and signed onto this disaster. This one is ALL GOP, and don’t you EVER forget it.

    And please, don’t for a second believe that any liberal, progressive, democrat, or libertarian that opposes this war would EVER do anything but support the soldiers. This isn’t about them or their performance. The issue we have is with a corrupt, illegitimate, fraudulant white house and their corrupt compadres in congress who’ve chosen to mislead this nation into an unwise, unnecessary, illegal war in Iraq, rather than seek the true perps of 9/11.

    Btw, since when are wads of cash and suicide vests considered WMD? Oh yeah, since President Pinnochio failed to produce the nuclear, biological, and chemical WMD that he launched his illegal war upon. Keep dreaming, sweetie. Your boy is a war criminal, as is anyone who continues to support his illegal war at this point. Read the Downing St. Memos. The proof of the lies is all documented.

  • “the upmost respect for President Bush.”

    Yeah, whatever. Some of us have the UTMOST disrespect for the ignorant scumbag.

  • Well, please tell me the person that you would like to see serving our country. And tell us what their qualifications are. You see every man or woman that would wish to lead the United States carries baggage with them because there is no human that is without some flaw. Just look at the people that you know on a personal life, and be truthful with yourself and see if you can put them into two categories.

  • When my son got out of the Marines, where he became trained in IT, he put out a resume on a website. He got a reply from a technology company that no doubt was written by a Democrat: The reply said we do not want baby killing Marines working in our company. Now, you soldiers writing on this post, can you defend this disgusting action? Further proof, that there is not a way to categorize everyone in this great United States.

  • When stationed in Twenty Nine Palms, Mark and his buddies got enough cash together to go to Palm Springs and rent a room to enjoy some leave. Grungy looking guys with nose rings and lip rings were virtually ignored by the police, but the police and snobby citizens scrutinezed every thing the Marines did as if they were the scum of the earth. Now mind you this was in 1999, so hopefully they would get better respect today but I doubt it. There was no way that all of these folks that looked down on the Marines were Democrats, as they were more than likely diverse in their party affiliation.

  • I cannot be a member of a party that has Barbara Streisand as spokesperson, Jane Fonda, and the thought of Hillary Clinton becoming President makes me violently ill. And Ted Kennedy got by with murder in his younger days, so you need to realize that your party has some pretty disgusting characters.

    If you have not read “Deficit of Decency” by Zell Miller, I will suggest it. He describes himself as a Christocrat, and that is what I feel that I am. We have got to come together and work together or this great country will fall, as many others have. Do you not see that this division of politics causes us to be weak and vulnerable to invasion by outsiders? But words will never solve our problems. Humans will be humans, and this United States will not survive forever because history always repeats itself.

  • Conspiracy Theorists out there:

    1. Former VP Al Gore was out of the United States on 911.

    2. Former Prsident Clinton was out of the United States on 911.

    3. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was out of the United States on 911.

    4. Barbara Olson was on the plane that flew into the Pentagon on 911.

    5. President Bush was in the United States on 911, and was in grave danger.

    Now, explain to me these facts above in a rational way and explain how it could all just be a coincidence.

  • I cannot remember where I heard about VP Al Gore, what program that it was on. But, I heard Andrea Mitchel (Greenspan’s wife) tell that her husband was out of the country, and I heard Hillary on the David Letterman show shortly after 911 say that President Bush sent Air Force Once to help her husband return to the United States. And everyone knows that Barbara Olson died on 911, and everyone knows that President Bush was reading to school children in Florida on 911.

  • We have never received notice of who shorted airline and insurance stocks before 911, have we? I think many of you people on the left are not looking past your nose when you criticize this Republican administration.

    See, I have thought long and hard on the situation and I have my own theory. This 911 attack was supposed to elevate Hillary to national status, as being a Senator in New YOrk but it backfired. It was President Bush that was looked upon as being a President that was ready to defend our country against the terrorist and he was a hero to the firefighters. I know that he is admired in New York by members of the NYPD, too because when at the Republican National Convention I talked to many of them that had so much respect for President Bush. I am not even saying that Hillary knew that 911 would happen, but some powerful people did or why would all of these power players be out of the country on 911?

  • Oh, in case you do not know Barbara Olson was he wife of Ted Olson, and he successfully represented President Bush before the Supreme Court in 2000. I know that you know that Eric, I am talking to others. Barbara was working on her second book about the Clintons at the time, and it did get released after her death. But strangely, you never hear the media tying all of this together, do you?

  • Do you remember President Clinton and Hillary visited Vietnam before he left office? Did you know that he ordered that our flags on our US ships to be flown lower than the flag of Vietnam? Did you know that our navy officers refused the order, and said that we would never lower our flag to another country?

    President Clinton is the draft dodger that you should be angry with. Why should we ever lower our flag to a communist country? Hillary Clinton believes in communism, and that is her theory in her book “It takes a Village.”
    You have alligned yourselves with a party that is Anti-American when you adhere to the beliefs of the Democrat Party. The Republican Party is not perfect by no means, but we all have one thing in common, which is that we do not want to be ruled by communism.

    Don’t you realize that VP Gore in his run for President received donations from people in China? I applaud the administration that we have in Washington DC that just blocked the company from China trying to buy an oil company here. If we had Democrats in office, the trade would have gone through. Because they would sell their souls to the devil for a buck or two.

  • cindy sheehan is not a moonbat. she is also not anti-american. she is a patriot. not nationalists like the real moonbats who supported this war. they are the anti-americans. they support the president unconditionally. this war was based on lies and the reasons for the invastion have changed a number of times as situations warrant. even the phrase “war on terror” was temporarily changed to “global fight against extremism” or some such nonsense. these people who have lost their children for this lie have every right to stand and protest and should not be judged harshly by anyone, especially someone who has not given any sacrifice in the war that they may support. to all of the republicans who still support the war, especially the younger college students, i submit that you should be the first in line, behind barbra and jenna of course to sign up at your local recruiters office. if you support this war so much, put your college education on hold and pick up that m-16. the reason this is not happening is because the young republicans, just like the older republicans don’t have the courage to put their money where their mouths are. they support war but only if someone else fights it for them. cindy sheehan gave the ultimate sacrifice as did too many families for a war that was based on deceptions and lies. the people, many of the people fell for it. it truly goes to prove that we are a nation of sheep, ruled by pigs and guarded by wolves.

  • Dear Furbur 04,

    You are showing your ignorance in your writing. I am a Republican voter, but first and foremost I am a Christian American Patriot. Our family is not poor, but we are not rich by no means. My former father-in-law fought at the Battle of the Bulge and lost a brother to war. My oldest son just served in the Marines. We are American and I do not see one trace of being an American in your hate spewing verbage. I do not like Green Day singing their trashy music and I do not like reading your trashy message so why don’t you go back to writing on Michael Moore’s website.

  • And even though I am a 50 year old woman, if the enemy starts fighting us on American soil, I will be proud to pick up a M-16 and kill as many as I can!

  • And yes, Mrs. Sheehan did give the ultimate sacrifice but that does not give her the right to order the President to meet with her. The Commander in Chief does not need to bow down in such a situation. Now I am defending her right to speak out and to cry out, but the President must remain firm and not cave into political pressure. This war should have never become political! You are weak-minded and are allowing your conscience be controlled by those that could care less about you. You need to wake up and start thinking and analyzing the world on your own, instead of spouting off bs that you hear from others.

  • Don’t you get it that once the media gets though with Mrs. Sheehan and the political party that is using her (one in the same by the way),that she will be thrown to the side? They do not care about her well being or they will not be with her in the coming years when she continues to grieve over the loss of her son. You see CNN is the so called Clinton News Network, and in case you have never read Bernie Goldberg’s books they are a real eye opener about the media. The name calling of Mrs. Sheehan is wrong, but what is real wrong in this situation is that she is being used by and other communist groups. In case, you did not know this Michael Moore is a communist loving American.

    Don’t fight the Republicans that are your brothers and your sisters, unless of course, you are a communist yourself.

  • Oy vey. Linda, my goodness. Back away from the computer slowly before you embarrass yourself more. Calling Mrs. Sheehan a moonbat? Pot. Kettle. Black.

    And can I just comment on the deliciousness of Mr. Erickson calling this a “family site” as he trips over himself trying to attack the mother of a grieving American Marine? What patriotism! What morality! What a fine example he sets for mean-spirited neocons everywhere!

  • Dear Matty,

    Read what I write, and you will see much truth. You just do not want to hear the truth because you are a brain-washed delusinal person. Eric apologized for what he called Mrs. Sheehan so get over it! Why don’t you try to disprove one thing that I said above before you try to critique my writing. I do not talk with talking points or anything of the sort. I talk of things that I can confirm, and you my dear seem to be a Michael Moore Wannabe!

  • Linda

    There is no truth in the conspiracy swill you are flinging around, but whatever gets you through the night. If I voted for a despicable, lying, and corrupt warmonger like George Bush, who is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, and all the reasons were proved false and the war was run so incompetently, I bet I’d lose my mind a little bit too. I wish you all the best, and when you finally accept the truth that the emperor has no clothes, you’ll need all the strength and forgiveness you can muster. Until then, whenever you say the words “delusional” and “brain-dead” look in the mirror.

  • So if you are a leftist communist lunatic, move on to the leftist website because you are not going to win in any debate on this blog. I am going to get back to my normal life because I do not have time to converse with people that are too ignorant to read and learn history on their own. Don’t you understand that there are people in Canada that cannot stand Michael Moore, too? I would like to know what some of you do for a living, and what your vision for America is and whether or not you are a Christian. Why do you hate other people so much? I had people in New York that walked up to me and gave me the finger at the Republican National Convention, and these were most young college age students. I had not done anything to these people, none of us had. Where does all of your hate come from?

  • Well, if someone had all of the truths that I listed on 911, but they happened to be Republicans that were all out of the country on 911 and a prominent Democrat had been on the plane that flew into the Pentagon then it would sure be a conspiracy. Like I said, prove one thing that I wrote as being incorrect. And I don’t have to worry about because what I wrote is the truth!

    I have proof of the Navy officers not willing to lower the flag to the Vietnam flag, but you see you no nothing other than what you hear in the media. I learn my theories on my own, by reading qualified material because I learned how to think for myself when I went to school.

  • Dear Matty,

    What I wrote, should scare the hell out of you and make you start to read and research on your own. Maybe you should start keeping better company and choose your friends more carefully because you are truly headed down the wrong path in life. None of us are privvy to what President Bush is and his administration, but you can rest assurred that we are better off by fighting these terrorist in the Middle East.

    As, I said stand up with your brothers and sisters that happen to be Republicans and get on the side of America instead of the side that is dividing us to allow us to be conquered by our enemies. These Islamic terrorists are evil, and as President Bush said after 911 “You are either with us or against us” when talking about nations that would help us or be against us in the war on terror. I never dreamed that I would see Americans joining in with the terrorists!

  • Communism? What is this? 1952?

    I understand the hatred. It comes from you blindly following a man that has taken us into a war based on lies and people are dying from it!!!! I live in New York City–I had acquaintances that escaped the World Trade Center–and my boyfriend, a NYPD sargeant, survived too. Instead of concentrating on the real threat, Bush endangered us all by invading an essentially unarmed country. We know that when the U.S. gets hit again, it will be us in NY or SF or LA or Washington, not those people out in the hinterlands. So spare the fake “where did the hate come from?” Because if it was Bill Clinton that had led us into this war based on lies and misrepresentations and made the world much less safe because of it, Linda I’m sure you’d be in the front row for the lynching.

    And as for your crackpot theories, they are so ridiculous I don’t think anyone needs to even mention them. We’ll all pretend we never heard it for your sake.

  • When I look in the mirror, I see a grounded and competent person that has lived a half century that was once a Democrat. I even voted for President Clinton the first time he ran. I was a swing voter, and very uneducated about politics. I allowed the media to manipulate me, like you are no doubt doing now. I did not have health care insurance, and bought into Clinton’s bs theory of providing health care for all.

    Now, I am proud to say that I have seen the light, and mind you I am critical of many things in the Republican party. But, I have not one thing in common with the Democrat Party. Did you know that Hillary told some in New York when running for Senator that she thought that she may be part Jewish? Now, she is trying to align with being Christian to garner support from Christians. Did you know that Bill Clinton pardoned some terrorists in New York, in order that Hillary could gain votes in their commuinity in New York? No, I am sure you don’t because you are so caught up in this brain-washed state of mind that you do not want to know the truth. I hope that you will take the time to look up these facts and you will find that I am telling you the truth.

  • Okay Linda, at first I just thought you were a little batty, but now I think you are seriously unhinged. You don’t need to worry about my education–I have advanced degrees and do quite well–but your condescending bullcrap is a bit too much to take on a hot day. Get over yourself, honey, because you are not on the right side of anything. You have been hoodwinked, you have been fooled by a conman. And although you might have had the best of intentions at one point, you sound like just another fool whistling into the wind.

    Linda there is nothing more patriotic than dissent. I pity you for your marching in lockstep with an administration who doesn’t care enough about you to take personal responsiblity for its many mistakes. Who lie, who trample on truth and science and the rights of all its people, but i think you’re right. But you believe what you want to believe. People like you see the what’s happening and clap harder. I see what’s happening and feel like we can do better.

  • Oh yes, there is communism in 2005 and there has been communism for years. I suspected I was talking to someone from New York. No you are wrong, if we had a Democrat President and we were at war then I would be supportive of the war and supportive of the President. You see, you think of communism as a Russian with a fur hat on with a gun in hand ready to machine gun you down. Communism is a theory of redistribution of wealth whereby the government takes all of the money from the laborers and all live the same, except for the rulers that live like dictators.

    A hands-off Republic on the other hand is one in which the market operates freely with little or no government intervention. We have a mix in the United States, and that is why we are now a Democracy and not a Republic. The more that we lean to the left, the more we get toward a communistic government. You my dear, have much to learn. I suggest you start by reading some of Adam Smith’s writings, and learn the things that you should have learned in school.

    Communism is very real, and it is what you support if you support Hillary Clinton!

  • I get it. Linda is infallible. She has come to her opinions through rightwing websites and the wise words of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. However, she knows for sure–there is “no doubt”–that I have been brainwashed and am delusional. Wow. What powers you have to deign to know me at all.

    Condescending? Check. Ignorant? Check. Intolerant? Check.

    You hit all the fringe right-wing highlights, Linda. Congrats.

  • Your degrees mean nothing to me, as I have listened to many educated, misguided, and narrow minded people. You obviously have not read a thing but the New York newspapers, since you got out of school. Learning does not stop with the granting of a degree, and if you were taught be leftist professors then you really got no education at all.

  • I am a CPA by profession and a teacher, too but my education goes on everyday. And like I said you need to check out some Economic textbooks and see if you believe in Karl Marx or Adam Smith when you get through reading them. If you buy into Karl Marx and his theories then you are perfectly aligned with the Democrats.

    Start meeting with some other people that have different view points, and allow them to show you another view of the world instead of one in which you view America and politics as a football game in an election. Have you ever looked at the County Map to see how many votes President Bush got in the rural areas of the United States. Clinton, the second time he ran got only 48% of the popular vote, and President Bush received the highest percentage of popular votes in United States History. How can so many people be wrong? Did you ever stop to think that you are on the wrong side of history?

  • I bet you do not know that Germany and France have so many Islamic people living in their countries that they cannot fight in the war on terror. France because of colonization of Morocco and because of the cheap labor allowed the country to be overran by these people that do not share the same beliefs of the natural French people. Paris is overran with these Islamic terrorist minded inhabitants that have swelled the population of the prisons and have the country in turmoil.

    I had a man from France ask me at the Republican Convention in New York that was with his wife and daughter ask me if I would please go back into the convention and buy him a George Bush tee shirt. I was so proud to have someone from France ask me to do this that I obliged and had to catch a later bus back to my room. This event led me to research information about the Muslim populations in foreign countries when I got back because I had a brief conversation with this frenchman. He told me that they had internal problems that caused France to have to stay out of the war on terror.

  • Jumping jeebers, Linda. Back away from the computer, turn off the draft dodging drug addict, shut off Faux “news,” and for the love of lambs, cut back on the caffeine just a tad, will ya?

    For a “Christian,” you certainly seem to be filled to overflowing with hatred, bitterness, rage, and vitriole, wouldn’t you say? Would Jesus approve of you labeling and judging others that you don’t even know? I didn’t think so. You are aware, of course, that Jesus was a raging liberal, right? Everything that he did and taught was completely liberal to the core. We both know how he felt about those who abused power and hoarded wealth, right? Isn’t that exactly what your leaders in the GOP are doing?

    Look deeply at the policies of the rightwing extremists, Linda. What is the least bit “Christian” about any of them? Since when did Jesus say that we should enrich the obscenely wealthy by cutting their taxes and placing that burden on the middle class and poor instead?

    Since when did Jesus say that it was A-Ok to rape, torture, and murder innocent men, women, and even CHILDREN, so long as a single politician says it’s ok?

    Since when did Jesus suggest that lying, cheating, and stealing is a virture?

    Would Jesus approve of treason?

    Since when did Jesus suggest that it was a good idea to endorse policies that actually INCREASE abortions, as Bush’s policies have?

    Since when did Jesus teach that the poor should be left to fend for themselves in the streets, without any access to care and shelter?

    And, since when did a “born again Christian” find it nearly impossible to attend church services? Did you know that about your boy? Did you know that Bill Clinton attends church services more frequently than your king george? Ouch, huh? That one HAS to sting a bit.

    Did you also know that he recently flipped off the American public, by tossing the bird to the media who was attempting to ask him questions about his little traitors in the white house? How “Christian” is that? Do you know what the middle finger, raised in defiance means, Linda? Is that something that Jesus, or even a “born again Christian” would ever do? I didn’t think so.

    Did you know that Bush frequently signs the horn signal with his index and little fingers raised? Odd gesture for a supposed “Christian” man, wouldn’t you say? I was always led to believe that the symbol was a sign for the devil.

    How do you feel about his absolute inability to tell the truth? Is it a sign of Christianity to continuously lie, and then to lie again when caught in a previous lie? I didn’t think so.

    I honestly don’t know where you’ve dredged up the utter nonsense that you’ve entertained yourself with here, but I have to say, if you’ve swallowed even half of the drivel that you’ve posted here, I can see why you have nothing but unquestioning, unwavering support for criminal Bush and his neocon death merchants.

    You are correct that republicans generally gather more votes in rural areas than democrats, and the reverse is true in urban areas. Dems dominate urban centers, where the vast majority of Americans live. Uh-oh. Better hurry and get the rest of those unverifiable, unreliable, untraceable, republican electronic voting machines in place, right?

    Also, there is no such thing as a free market, and the GOP flavor of capitalism is the furthest thing from “hands off” that you could ever imagine. What exactly is “hands off” about a system in which hundreds of billions of dollars is showered annually upon corporate entities, in the form of welfare handouts for the likes of Halliburton, Exxon, EI Lilly, etc., etc., etc?

    You cannot have a “free market.” That is purely a myth. If there was no public involvement, there would be no roads, no water and sewer, no police protection, no fire protection, and no laws upon which one could do business. Don’t kid yourself into believe that republicans don’t spend public funds. Witness the past 4-1/2 years, in which your republicans have literally exploded the spending of the federal government, and massively expanded the size of the federal government. Our federal government has NEVER been as large and intrusive as it is right now, and it’s all yours and your GOP’s. They’ve created a new entitlement society, and it is a group of multi millionaires and billionaires.

    Therein lies the major difference in spending between republicans and democrats. Democrats provide support so that the poorest and most needy are taken care of. Republicans provide support so that those who already have the most wealth receive the most benefit. You want a “Christian” government? Vote democratic. Your republicans couldn’t be any farther from it.

    Oh, and something about healthcare, since you seem rather ignorant about it. We’re paying for nationalized healthcare right now. 13% of our national GDP goes to pay for healthcare. The difference between your plan, which we have today, and the democratic plan, is that under your plan, 1/3 of the population has zero coverage, while under the democrats plan, everyone is covered. Remarkable, isn’t it? The insurance and pharmaceutical companies managed to hoodwink you into rallying against a system that everyone in the country would benefit from, ESPECIALLY businesses. (you are aware that American companies have recently begun to move their operations north to Canada in order to save on healthcare coverage costs, right?)

    My sweet, naive Linda. So much to learn. So many lies to cast aside. I pity you, but I do support your efforts to uncover the truth. I commend you for having an inquisitive mind, but I would urge you to seek alternative sources to those that have been misleading you. Pretty much everything in the mainstream media these days is false, because Bush and the GOP have engaged in flagrant, aggressive propoganda, in order to mislead us all.

    There are a great many places where you can find the truth, Linda, and the internet is one of them, of course. Had it not been for Al Gore’s wonderful invention, this nation would almost certainly be a full-fledged fascist dicatorship under Bush already. I truly believe that the only thing that has kept a flicker of democracy alive to this point is the free exchange of ideas on the internet, where one can reach out and find enlightenment.

    May you find peace in your heart and soul, Linda. You seem quite tormented, and I’m sure that much of that lies in the fact that you have been offering your full support to a facade of lies and distortions. It’s surely not going to be easy for you to cast your foundational beliefs aside as you embark on a path of truth and righteousness, but I believe in my heart of hearts that the truth will set you free. I wish you well on your truth seeking journey. May you come out of it wise enough to vote democratic, rather than voting against your own best interests.

  • //The reason the critics of Bill Clinton were not unamerican was because Bill Clinton had no respect for family values by engaging in adultery. Lying about bjs is an entirely more serious offense than lying about why one should go to war, the consequences for the nation are clearly more serious in the former case.//

    Wow. I just saw this one. Holy smokes, you people really believe that pleading “not guilty” to a charge of consentual relations between two adults is worse than lying a nation into an unnecessary, illegal war that leaves tens of thousands of innocent people dead. Amazing. I thought you people were supposed to be the “culture of life?” More like the culture of death, in my eyes. Scary stuff.

    And what say you about the GOP politicians (Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, among others) who were actively engaging in extramarital affairs at the very moment that they were condemning Bill Clinton for the same? Didn’t Ronald Reagan cheat on his first wife, and cause his own divorce? Yeah, I thought so. Didn’t George HW Bush have a longterm affair with an intern? Yeah, that’s what I’d heard. Kinda odd how you have no problem with those items, don’t you think?

    I’ll tell you what; how about if you go find a neighbor who’ve lost a loved one in Bush’s illegal war in Iraq and ask them if they think that Bill Clinton pleading “not guilty” to a sexual relationship is worse that Bush lying the nation into war? The moral relativism of the right is just staggering at times, wouldn’t you say?

  • I am a conservative and probably agree with Linda on most political issues but Linda sounds like she is becoming unhinged. Linda needs to take a deep breath and not tell the world her every thought that comes to her. You are not going to save the liberals from themselves and the more comments you make strange you sound. Linda if you are this addicted to logging your thoughts then you need to get your own site.

  • Dear Jeff:

    This is what Jesus had to say about goverments when he looked upon the coinage of Rome: “Render unto Caesar…that which is Caesar’s.” Jesus would have sorrow when viewing the way Bill Clinton abuses his use of churches to garner votes because that is why he hops from church to church problably more than he hops from beds to beds.

    Since you are obviously so far left, I will just tell you a joke because you are beneath me in debate:

    Do you know what Hillary says to Bill when she gets up during the night to go to the bathroom: Bill, please save my place in bed.

  • Dear Jeff,

    I have a great idea for our United States and Canada, and it goes like this: we could exchange a hundred of our lazy liberals in the United States for one hard working Christian that is disgusted with the liberal policies of Canada. Why don’t you see if you can help get this policy going in New York for starters, and I am sure the conservatives that reside there would be so thankful for your efforts? Canada could just be one big blue country, and we could once again be prosperous in the United States and work our way back to the Puritan work ethic that built this great country.

    You can call it Jeff’s Plan because I don’t have to have the credit for it. I am sure that you would be a hero to so many for your efforts to get this plan implemented.

  • Dear Ted,

    Who declared you the guru of telling me what I need to do? That is the problem with everyone, is that they attempt to analyze other people. If I can change one liberal then I have done my part. I typically do not blog, but I have had fun this past weekend. I am not bothering you, so what is your beef? If Eric wants to delete my posts, that is his perogative. Does he need your permission first? I do not think the whole world is reading this blog anyway. I would have not been on here at all, if it were not for a post that was entered that targeted me directly. Take a chill pill and worry about your own problems instead of what Linda is or is not doing. And Eric, feel free to delete whatever you want. I could care less.

  • //“Render unto Caesar…that which is Caesar’s.”//

    This means “we all have to pay taxes.”

    //Jesus would have sorrow when viewing the way Bill Clinton abuses his use of churches to garner votes because that is why he hops from church to church problably more than he hops from beds to beds.//

    Huh? Linda leaping laughingly into la-la land once again. What is it about Bill Clinton that makes you nutty wingers obsess so over him? Was he REALLY THAT good, because frankly, 8 years of peace and prosperity is all well and good, but I hardly think he deserves as much attention as you nutballs seem intent on giving him. The man is no longer in office. There is a new corruption king in town now, remember? Liar George W. Bush. Chickenhawk coward, AWOL deserter, womanizing pot smoker, coke addict, alcoholic, perpetual loser and failure, George W. Bush. Your guy. Be proud.

    Exactly what are you referring to when you say “lazy liberals?” Would you mean the uber wealthy plutocrats that Bush has insured will never have to lift another finger as long as they live, because of his tax welfare handouts? Do you mean those who hit the DNA jackpot and managed to get born into families of insane wealth, and will never have to do a thing but party their entire lives, because Bush’s tax welfare handouts to the “lazy liberals” will ensure that the family wealth can just be handed down forever, and can multiply through dividends, untaxed?

    Not quite sure what you mean by this. The only liberals that I know are busting their collective asses just to try to keep from going under in Bush’s diastrous war against the middle class economy.

    Take a pill, sweetie. Go fetch yourself a book by Chomsky, Johnston, Krugman, Hartman, Hightower, or Ivins, and take in some truth and reality for a change.

  • Btw, Linda, I think Ted is trying to keep you from continuing to embarrass yourself. You’re woefully inequipped to handle a debate with someone who’s dangerously armed with the truth. And believe me, you’ll never succeed in “changing a liberal” to accept lies and distortions rather than the bitter, hard truth. Sorry, but ignorance is reserved for weak minded conservatives, who haven’t the stomach nor the genetic capability to be intellectually curious enough to seek and accept the truth.

    Personally, I get the feeling that you COULD be led to the truth, because you are at least engaging in a semi-rational discussion with someone who disagrees with you and your rather distorted vision of reality, so I would have to say to you to keep working at it. Don’t give up. It’s not easy to move towards the light when you’ve been led into darkness for so long, but like I said, I can assure you that it WILL set you free.

    Your president and his entire administration, as well as virtually the entire GOP leadership today are habitual liars. Virtually nothing that comes from their mouths is the truth. They have lied us into disastrous tax cuts for the most wealthy among us, even during a time when we should be led to sacrifice collectively, for the good of the nation.

    They have lied to us about their educational plan, which quite literally INTENTIONALLY leaves children behind, in a cruel attempt to gut and destroy public education altogether.

    They have lied about their medicare prescription drug plan, which was not only foisted upon us through utter fraudulance (bribery and extortion of an elected official is a crime) and cost BILLIONS more than the white house said it would, but it turns out it is nothing more than a gratuitous corporate welfare handout to large pharmaceutical companies. What a shocker, huh?

    They lied about Terry Schaivo, and disgustingly used that poor woman to try to foist an ever-increasingly invasive federal government into our VERY personal lives.

    They lied about Social Security, but thank GOD, the masses saw through the lies and stopped them cold before they could put their claws on that program and destroy it.

    They lied about their bogus energy bill, which, it comes as no shock to anyone, is yet another corporate welfare handout, this time to the gluttenous oil industry that has been posting record profits every quarter since this corrupt administration stole office.

    They’ve lied about virtually EVERYTHING that they’ve done since stealing the white house and congress, but the worst lie of all misled this once-great nation into an unnecessary, completely illegal war in Iraq. A war that is currently sapping our economy at the crushing rate of roughly $5.5 BILLION PER MONTH. A war that is destroying human life at a staggering rate, including nearly 2,000 Americans to date. A war that will haunt this nation for decades, and one that we will carry deep regret over for the rest of our lives.

    George W. Bush, that great “Christian man,” is directly responsible for tens of thousands of murders in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraqi government claims that the number of innocent civilians murdered in Bush’s name is well over 100,000, which is a number that coincides with a recent study, which estimated 128,000 dead innocents.

    America has gone from being the greatest, most benevolent nation in the world to being the most hated, most feared nation in the world. We now are an aggressor nation that attacks any nation that we see fit, whenver we feel like it, for whatever reason the acting president can conjure up at the time. We now are a nation that engages in and supports torture, abuse, rape, and murder of innocent prisoners, including children. We have lost our soul as a nation, because we have allowed ourselves to be misled by dangerous, wicked liars with dangerous, wicked agendas.

    I would highly recommend you read through the PNAC website, Linda. PNAC is the “Project for a New American Century.” This is the group of neocons currently has this nation and the rest of the world in their death grip. Iraq has been in the sights of this group of very twisted minds for a long, long time. In fact, they never forgave HW for not taking Baghdad back in 1991. In 1998, they signed a letter to Bill Clinton, demanding that he invade Iraq.

    In 1999, the author of Bush’s biography claimed that he clearly had designs on invading Iraq even before he announced he was running for office. Paul O’Neil, the ousted treasury secretary, said that the neocons were clamoring for, and trying to find a way to invade Iraq from the second they stole the white house.

    Richard Clark backs this up, by saying that they Bush white house was literally obsessed over Saddam and Iraq from day one, to the point where they actually ignored threats from al Qaeda. The moment 9/11 occurred, Rumsfeld stated “This is our chance to hit Iraq.” When Clarke reminded Lunatic murderer Rumsfeld that al Qaeda was centered in Afghanistan at the time, he said “There are better targets in Iraq.”

    While we were attempting to round up al Qaeda, and in particular, Bin Laden, Bush diverted $700 million in funding, as well as key special forces, and removed them from Afghanistan, to place them in Iraq, as a precursor to his illegal invasion.

    Months before congress even signed off on the resolution on Iraq, he and Blair began heavy bombing of Iraqi military sites, in an attempt to provoke a response from Saddam that would enable them to launch their war. When this failed and it became clear that they would be forced to face the UN, a massive propoganda blitz began, to misinform the public to sway opinion, and to gain momentum for an invasion of Iraq.

    For each claim that the corrupt white house made, with regard to Iraq, somebody in some intelligence source somewhere denounced it, soundly. WMD? Nope. Nuclear weapons research? Nope. Biological and chemical plants? Nope. Ties to al Qaeda and 9/11? Nope. Virtually NOTHING that this corrupt adminstration came up with as a reason for invading Iraq turned out true, yet each time one rationale was shot down, they invented another to replace it.

    Finally, they sent Colin Powell, a war criminal from a past era, to destroy whatever shred of credibility he had left, by presenting the entire case of lies to the UN, in person. The result? Nobody in the UN bought it, and the UN refused to sign authorization for military action.

    Did that stop the criminal Bush administration? Not a chance. They launched their unholy crusade against humanity on 3/20/03, without UN approval, and in direct violation of US constitutional law.

    They had gotten away with it for quite some time, because the majority of the public had been fooled just long enough, and any dissenting voices were quickly quieted with threats and shouts of “unAmerican.” Now, the truth has come forth, in the form of various documents and memos, not the least of which are the damning Downing St. Memos (please read these). This administration LIED our nation into war. Nothing that a president ever does could possibly more egregious or anti-American.

    On top of that crime, they’ve also committed acts of treason, in willfully outing the name of a critical CIA operative, who just happened to be a leading expert in the field of WMD.

    They’re cornered now, and they know it, but that won’t stop them. They’ve still got the reins, and they’re not through. Their next target is Iran, as Scott Ritter has claimed. They’ve already begun preliminary missions in that country, to map out military targets to be struck from the air, prior to the invasion. Trust me, if Iraq had not turned out to be exactly the quagmire that all military experts predicted it would be, we’d already be murdering inocent Iranians this very moment.

    After Iran, it’s Syria. These people will not stop until they’re stopped, trust me. This is their plan, and you can read it on their own website. Go read through their material, view the names of the people that are involved in this evil group of meglamaniacs, and see what horrors they’ve got in store for the world. Oh, btw, you read the other day that Cheney announced that we would use nuclear weapons when we invade Iran, didn’t you? How many brown people do you think we can murder with one of those? A million or so in one swat? How “Christian.”

    Seriously, Linda, these people are liars and dangerous war profiteers. You can’t be blamed entirely for believing them to this point, but I’m telling you, they’re not worthy of your trust (or anyone else’s, for that matter). These people are dangerous, greedy, arrogant, abusive, and entirely undemocratic. They are bent on destruction, because through that destruction, they can rake massive profits. Once a war profiteer, always a war profiteer. The Bush family has been profitting from the slaughter of innocent lives since Prescott Bush supported Hitler during WWII (until congress stripped away his banking license and threatened him with the “trading with the enemies” act…look it up).

    I’m not saying you have to believe everything I’ve said here. I’m saying DON’T BELIEVE THIS ADMINISTRATION AND THE CORRUPT GOP LEADERSHIP. Go find the information for yourself. It’s out there, widely available, and easily accessible.

    Then, when you’ve begun to see the pattern of lies and deception, you can begin to ask yourself “What type of person would do this sort of thing? Would a REAL Christian lie and misrepresent themselves like this? Why can’t they be honest about what they’re doing and saying? What else are they lying about?”

    I wish you well, Linda. I don’t know why, but I have a strong feeling that you’re about to be graced by the light of truth, and that it will come in a stunning revelation that will lead to a veritable landslide of information, until you finally begin to accept all that is truthful and reject all that is not. You seem to be a very sweet woman, with a compassionate heart and an inquisitive mind, which is why I urge you to break free from the bondage of darkness that you’ve been placed in.

    Peace and love to you, my dear. Good luck.

  • Dear Jeff,

    Are you a Christian? You seem to hate Christians in your hate speech, so I suspect that you are either agnostic or an atheist. A non-believer cannot never show another person the light, do you not realize that.

    If you are a Christian, then you are most certainly very critical of our beloved Christian President.

  • Dear Jeff, Ted and all the other pessimists:

    This will be my last post on this subject because it is redundant to go on and on.

    I pray that you find the love of Jesus Christ, and that you find a love for our United States that allows you to accept that a Christian President got reelected by an overwhelming majority of Americans.

    But most importantly, I dedicate my writing to the heroes tonight that are sacrificing in the scorching desert heat protecting our right to the freedoms that many take for granted. God bless each and every soldier in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Germany, Japan, the Phillipines, United States and all other bases in the world and God bless those that have gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

    Semper Fi.

  • Linda,

    Your president is not a Christian, and neither are the corrupt, fraudulant rightwing leaders. If Bush were truly a Christian, he would regulary attend church services, he would not use profanity as he does, he would not lie as he does, he would not have flipped the bird to the American public as he did, he would not strive so hard to end democracy, and he most certainly would not display the sign of the devil.

    Christ was a liberal. Virtually NOTHING that today’s GOP does or says reflects anything that Christ would support. Don’t you see that? Take a very close look at this GOP’s policies. In EVERY instance, they defy the true message of Christianity.

    I’m not talking about the false message that the political talking heads of Dobson, Falwell, and Robertson espouse. Those are demons with a wicked agenda as well. I’m talking about REAL Christ-like beliefs. If you’ve forgotten what they are, you should re-read your bible.

    Christ would NOT have supported what your GOP is doing, to the planet, to the poor, to the believers, to the masses, to the innocent people of Iraq. There is virtually nothing in today’s GOP that Christ would’ve supported. Your party is morally bankrupt, ethically challenged, and is hopelessly adrift without any sense of values or guiding principles.

    In order to garner endless, all-encompassing power, your GOP has cast aside all of its values and guiding principles. Now, we’re beginning to see top GOP leaders fall into criminal charges and indictments, as evidence of their fraud and corruption is uncovered. We’ve barely seen the tip of the iceberg on this issue. Your GOP is a fiery demonic beast, but it is about to be beheaded. Watch what unfolds in the coming months, and you’ll see for yourself. The house of cards has begun to crumble.

    The bible warns of false prophets and false idols, does it not? Be very careful where you lie your allegiance, Linda. You have moored your vessel to a false God.

  • If Bush were truly a Christian, he would regulary attend church services, he would not use profanity as he does, he would not lie as he does, he would not have flipped the bird to the American public as he did, he would not strive so hard to end democracy, and he most certainly would not display the sign of the devil.

    Uh, Jeff, that’s not exactly right. Faith in Christ is all it takes to be a Christian. While that inward chage to accepting Christ takes on an outward manifestation, it is not a perfect outward expression of inward faith because we are all sinners. As Paul teaches us in Romans 3:23-26

    for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood. He did this to demonstrate his justice, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished— he did it to demonstrate his justice at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.

    As the old song says, “Ye must be born again.”