The Committee Votes on Beer Today

Today, the Georgia Senate’s Regulated Industries Committee will meet to vote on the “Beer Jobs” bill. The legislation, S.B. 63 sponsored by Senator Hunter Hill, would allow craft breweries in Georgia to sell limited amounts of beer to the public.

The legislation is common sense. Georgia is one of only five states that does not allow it. Allowing it will create jobs. No one disputes that except the beer wholesalers. All the outside economists and business analysts who have reviewed the legislation agree it will increase sales and increase local jobs.

Opponents to the legislation have been sending massive amounts of money to members of the legislature to, in essence, buy their votes to oppose the legislation.

Below are the members of the Regulated Industries Committee. If you click their names, you can generate an email. Your smart phone should be able to generate phone calls from their phone numbers.

Call each of them and ask them to support S.B. 63 when they vote today.



Rick Jeffares

(404) 463-1376

Frank Ginn

(404) 656-4700

Joshua McKoon

(404) 657-3217

Ed Harbison

(404) 656-0074

David Shafer

(404) 656-0048

Renee Unterman

(404) 463-1368

Brandon Beach

(404) 463-1378

Bill Cowsert

(404) 463-1366

Steve Gooch

(404) 656-9221

Steve Henson

(404) 656-0085

Jack Hill

(404) 656-5038

David Lucas

(404) 656-5035

Butch Miller

(404) 656-7454

Jeff Mullis

(404) 656-0057

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