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Just how bad is it for the Republicans in Georgia?

They are spinning the win of a Democrat in House District 80, a Republican district, as being about religious liberty. They claim that because conservatives have been pounding the drum on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it spooked liberal Republicans into voting for a Democrat who supports gay rights.

Their willing accomplices in the media has picked up that spin. It ignores one key fact. The Republican who left the seat, Mike Jacobs, opposed RFRA. The Republican vying to replace him opposed RFRA. Yes, that’s right. The Republican and the Democrat both opposed RFRA.

We get a better picture if we step out of House District 80 and look at every special election.

In every single special election in Georgia in the past month, any candidate who supported the billion dollar tax increase from Speaker David Ralston and any candidate connected to supporters of the tax increase lost.

But Ralston and the GOP cannot have it be about the tax increase. They absolutely are convinced it was the right thing to do and they are adamantly opposed to protecting religious liberty. So they are again throwing conservatives under the bus to defend their precious tax increase.

But again and again and again the billion dollar tax increase has become toxic to Republicans. They just do not want to admit it in the same way that nationally the Republicans do not want to admit that coddling President Obama has given rise to candidates channeling the anger of the base like Donald Trump.

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