The Congressional GOP Should Still Pass the Hearing Protection Act

The left really hopes that the GOP will not now pass the Hearing Protection Act after the DC shooting. To not pass it would just show that violence like that directed at congressional Republicans can and will derail their agenda.

The Hearing Protection Act would lower the hurdles currently in place for access to suppressors for guns. Commonly called “silencers,” only people who have never used one would think they actually make a gun silent. In fact, they will still make a distinctive, loud sound. The difference is the decibel level.

A gun with a suppressor or silencer will only lower the sound of a gun blast by 14.3 to 43 db depending on a wide range of factors. The gun used at the Congressional baseball practice would have still been very loud.

The reason for the legislation is multifaceted. First, it would improve the situation for hunters who regularly hunt. Second, homeowners defending their home currently risk serious hearing loss by firing a handgun in the confines of a home. Using a suppressor will lessen the risk of substantial hearing loss.

It is understandable that Congress would postpone the hearing on this legislation, but Congress should still pass it. It is a lie to say it will make guns silent and it very true that killing this legislation in light of the shooting would show everyone that leftwing terror antics can and will derail the Republican agenda.

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