The Curious Case of Cruz’s Freudian Tweet

Yesterday I happened upon a tweet from Ted Cruz linking an article in Conservative Review by Daniel Horowitz, titled “Why conservatives will need a new party if/when Hillary wins.” Not having time to read it immediately, I mentally filed it away for later. I did think it a bit curious that Cruz would tweet this, given his commitment to get Trump elected and keep Hillary out of office.

When I went back later, looking for the tweet, it was already gone. I scratched my head, thinking maybe I misread “Ted Cruz” or it was tweeted by one of the sneakier parody accounts on Twitter pretending to be everyone who matters. Then I saw this:

So the tweet was real. But Cruz claims someone “unauthorized” tweeted it. Or actually that statement was very lawyerly crafted: “didn’t come from anyone authorized to use the account (that they know of).” That could mean the account was outright hacked–but the hackers had a funny sense of humor, tweeting something that seems so obviously to be what Cruz really thinks. It could also mean that Team Cruz knows exactly who tweeted it, but that person was not authorized to use the account (that they know of).

Without knowing exactly who is authorized to use the @tedcruz Twitter account, and who at Team Cruz knows the entire list of those names, it’s impossible to judge the veracity of their statement. But it is telling that Team Cruz never repudiated the contents of the tweet, only that it wasn’t from anyone authorized.

The piece by Horowitz skewered Cruz’s fellow Texan Senator John Cornyn:

Republicans like Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas. (F, 42%) already have a game plan in place if and when Hillary is elected: make Hillary’s presidency a great success. In other words, nothing too different from the GOP’s modus operandi during the Obama presidency.

Here is a revealing tweet from an Austin Statesman reporter covering John Cornyn’s speech to a local Chamber of Commerce this week:

Thus, Cornyn’s biggest agenda item for a Hillary presidency is to grant her George Soros’s top policy agenda — jailbreak — which will help create a permanent Democrat majority. These people have no sense of the fact that even if Hillary wins she will have no mandate, Republicans will control the majority of state governments, the House, and very possibly the Senate. In a constitutional system that is working properly — with a party that cares to exercise its power appropriately — Hillary’s presidency should be dead on arrival. Yet, GOP leaders are already planning to greet her with tailwinds instead of headwinds.


Horowitz goes on to indict the GOP-controlled Congress as a whole, asking “for how much longer will they continue doing the same things and expecting different results?” and providing the answer in “the opportunity for a clean break from the past.”

Maybe this was a Freudian tweet. There’s certainly no love lost between the two Texans. Cornyn has even declared he won’t endorse Cruz in 2018. So much for GOP unity. Cornyn slammed Cruz for his “vote your conscience” appearance at the Trump Coronation Republican National Convention.

“You don’t come to the convention after you have lost the nomination and not support the nominee,” Cornyn said in an interview on Fox News Radio. “I think the right thing to do would be to stay home. I think it was a mistake and I don’t know what it means in terms of his future, but I think he miscalculated.”

Possibly, Horowitz struck just the right tone to let Cornyn know what Cruz really thinks but can’t say with his outside voice. Unauthorized, of course.

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