The Death of Bibb County

Unions, while they may expand protections for a worker, they also increase costs and decrease efficiencies. Unions for public sector employees, given already good deals on government pensions, etc., are unneeded wastes of taxpayer money. Yet, for some reason, Bibb County is seriously considering the unionization of it’s employees.

Who knew the County had elected officials more dense than certain members of the City’s group of elected officials?!

A push to unionize Bibb County employees is moving forward and organizers have mailed questionnaires to about half of the county’s employees, organizer Michael Gardner said Tuesday.

Gardner, with Service Employees International Union, Local 1985, got a cool reception Tuesday from Commissioner Elmo Richardson, who chairs the commission’s human resources committee. But other commissioners said they’re willing to talk about unionizing – if employees want it.

Gardner said several employees approached him and that there are “a lot of employees that are very intimidated” and unwilling to speak their mind to the commission. He said the questionnaires went out last week to 350 or 400 county employees, asking them how they felt about unionizing and their jobs in general. Most have not yet been returned, he said.
A potential agreement between the union and the commission – which mirrors the union’s agreement with the city of Macon – was forwarded Tuesday to the county attorney for review. It’s expected to come up again for discussion.

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  • What is happening simply is political payback for union support of local candidates who will lock step with the union hierarchy. The fact is, the union has done nothing to benefit the government employee that the local government has not already provided. This simply is a way for the union to sap more money from well meaning people.

    I don’t know of anyone, in their right mind, who does’nt want to provide city/county employees with quality benefits and fair pay.

    The problem we have locally is that our elected leaders have blown the budgets and pushed the made the employees to bear the brunt of their fiscal ineptness.

    The union sympathizers would be better served encouraging and supporting candidates who have clue how to clean up this mess.

  • I am oppossed to any contract(agreement) between The Bibb County Board of Commissioners and any Organized Labor Group. Bibb County Employees have some of the best benefits in the State. The Board of Commissioners have always been receptive to employee concerns and I have personally been contacted on many occassions by employees. I have never noticed any fear of Commissioners by any County employees. To the contrary, many feel free talking to me about concerns because I am a former government employee and their concerns mirror mine on many issues. Any employee who wants to join a Union has the right, however my advice would be to put those dues in a deferred comp plan. The return would be much greater. I say no to a Commission-Union contract. It’s doesn’t make good sense