The Democrat Party Continues to Feel the Pull From the Left

Ever since he came down the escalator inside Trump Tower to announced his presidential campaign in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump has drawn consistent media attention. Now as President, that vacuum he helped create continues to suck out the air of other political news. That is especially true when it comes to media attention considering the political vitally from across the aisle.

Coverage of President Trump and Republicans fighting and the future of the conservative movement are the shiny objects that draw media scrutiny as much as moths to a flame. When this happens, what is missed is an even bigger story on how much those across the aisle are in a pugnacious battle between conservative Blue-Dog Democrats and those on the fringe far left.

“The growing tension between the party’s ascendant militant wing and Democrats competing in conservative-leaning terrain, was on vivid, split-screen display over the weekend,” according to an article in Monday’s New York Times. “In Chicago, Senator Bernie Sanders led a revival-style meeting of his progressive devotees, while in Atlanta, Democrats made a final push to seize a traditionally Republican congressional district.”

For years now, the Democrat party has drifted to the left. With the emerge of Bernie’s success in 2016 and Labour Party left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn, in last week’s British elections, this trend has only intensified.

However, many party insiders also see that with a populist President who is in the process remaking the Republican party, the opportunity should look at the model Democrats campaigned on in 2006, when the party won control of Congress by competing for conservative corners of the country.

A prime example of this is the current Congressional race in Georgia’s Sixth District where Jon Ossoff has publicly stated that he would not support raising income taxes, even for the wealthy, and opposed “any move” toward a single-payer health care system.

Compare this to what happened over the weekend in Chicago. “Mr. Sanders rallied his youthful, often-raucous coalition Saturday night at a gathering named the “People’s Summit,” where supporters hailed him in worshipful language.”

With ever increasing echo chambers that re-enforce talking points that activists seek, the far left is energized. The reality is that under their last liberal leader, President Obama, the Democratic Party suffered huge losses (net loss of 1,042 state and federal posts). Democrats have always been the party of emotion instead of logic. Only time will tell which direction they will move.

For us on the right, we must always stand for substance, truth, ideals, and principles. We also should be wise to never underestimate any political outcome. After all, with the GOP house divided and Democrats in disarray last election, Trump went from a joke to the Oval Office.


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