The Democratic convention’s surprising message: Trump is not a real Republican

The Democrats have finally figured this out.

Rather than demonizing the entire GOP, Democrats have lately portrayed Trump as distinct from other Republicans, as not a “real” Republican or a “true” conservative. In so doing, Democrats have absolved Republican politicians of responsibility for his excesses — and Republican voters of any obligation to elect him.

We Never Trump Republicans can now relax in the knowledge that we’ve been absolved from the sin of party disloyalty by the Democrats.

But seriously, it’s a good read to see how Democrats see us, and simultaneously assign us the responsibility for Trump’s rise.

Republican leadership has been laying the groundwork for Trumpism for years, after all. They did it when they questioned Obama’s legitimacy as a natural-born citizen, as a Christian and as a democratically elected president empowered to appoint federal judges. They did it when they used coded language about “welfare queens” and “states’ rights” and “religious freedom” and “illegals.” Trump may have taken their dog whistles down a few octaves, so that they’re now audible to regular humans, but he owes the original melody to earlier, allegedly “truer” Republicans.

Most of this (“coded language”?) is what comes from the nether end of a horse, but some of it is true.

Read Catherine Rampell’s Op-Ed at The Washington Post for yourself.

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