The Democrats’ Efforts are All in Vain

The Democrats are having a temper tantrum over Donald Trump and various “legal scholars” on the left are propounding all sorts of theories about ways to stop him.

None of them will work.

Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed has a rundown of them. This confirms in my mind why we are hearing so much about the Russians “stealing” the election.

Despite the difficulties, Federalist #68 — in which Alexander Hamilton discusses the role of electors, laid out in the Constitution and, subsequently, 12th Amendment — is suddenly being quoted everywhere.

Hamilton wrote that the constitutional convention was worried about “the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper” influence over governmental decision-making such as the selection of president and “guarded against all danger of this sort” by “not ma[king] the appointment of the President to depend on any preexisting bodies of men” but rather a group selected “for the temporary and sole purpose of making the appointment.”

The political party that tried to get the Soviets to interfere in the 1984 Presidential election have blown what the Russians did out of the water. Yes, there needs to be an investigation, but it is the height of arrogance to equate hacking the DNC with hacking the election.

If the NBC tape had been obtained via a Russian hack, the Republicans would be just as outraged. But, of course, Trump did not lose because of that tape. In fact, the tape did little damage and the revised exit polls showed that the public made up its mind before either the Wikileaks affair or the NBC tape.

The Democrats are desperate and grasping at straws. They are going to go four years as pissed off and angry as Republicans ever were at Obama.

And like the GOP, it will probably cause them to lose in 2020 too.

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