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The Democrats’ Geriatric Ward

Nancy Pelosi: 77 years old
Steny Hoyer: 78 years old
Jim Clyburn: 76 years old

Donald Trump: 70 years old
Paul Ryan: 47 years old
Kevin McCarthy: 52 years old
Steve Scalise: 51 years old

Nancy Pelosi could be Paul Ryan’s mother the age gap is so big. 34 of the 50 longest serving congressmen are Democrats. John Conyers, the Democrats’ ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, is 88 years old. His Republican counterpart, Bob Goodlatte, is 64.

On the Agriculture Committee, the ranking Democrat is 72, while the Republican Chairman is 69.

On the Appropriations Committee, the ranking Democrat is 79, while the Republican Chairman is 71.

On Financial Services, the ranking Democrat is 78, while the Republican Chairman is 60.

It is not in every case that the Democrat is older than the Republican, but in most cases the Democrat is and in a lot of cases the age gap is a decade or more.

For a party that attracts the attention of millennials, the Democrats sure do not reflect it in their leadership. Donald Trump is the oldest man ever elected President by a few months, beating Ronald Reagan who was 69 when first elected. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would have tied Reagan in age. But Trump is still younger than any of the three ranking Democrats in the House.

Just amazing.

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