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  • Kerry was at his least effective tonight. Bush managed to keep him on the defensive on issues that should have been Kerry’s strength. I think Bush would likely be considered the winner if he didn’t give the media the excuse to run the Osama quote.

  • Bush kicked Kerry’s butt all over the place tonight. I am not surprised that you did not leave your name and decided to hide. I’d hide too after making an intellectually idiotic comment such as that.

  • C’mon. Bush was blabbering all the time and didn’t answer most questions that were posed to him. When asked about roe vs. wade, he said that he’ll not espefically pick the judges to do his bidding but that doesn’t mean that he’ll give up trying to make abortion illegal.

    I am ashamed of Bush. Bush is a bigot who wants to use laws to force his beliefs onto others and to use his power to maintain the status-quo: to let the rich and large corporations run the show and in turn they let him play with his ideals.