The Facts Matter. Democrats Got Them Wrong.

This is a must read from the Weekly Standard on Stacey Abrams’ concession speech this past Friday. It is stunning to me how many Democrats and their friends in the media got basic facts wrong in Georgia.

Abrams and her allies point out that large numbers of people have been removed from voter rolls—1.5 million Georgians since 2012—but their contention that Kemp “purged” these names as secretary of state is false. The state’s “Use It or Lose It” law, passed in 1997 by a Democratic legislature and signed by Democratic governor Zell Miller, requires that voters who don’t vote or otherwise respond to requests from local voting offices to update their registration status be deemed inactive. This ensures that people who’ve died or moved away can no longer “vote” in state elections—i.e. that their identities can’t be used for untoward electoral purposes.

The Abrams campaign alleges that the number of voters purged spiked in 2017, when 107,000 voters were declared inactive. But the secretary of state’s office points out that the biannual voter-roll maintenance didn’t take place in 2015 owing to a legal challenge and so there was an unusually high number last year.

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