The Failure of Ray Nagin

While Democrats are trying to pin the poor planning for the hurricane and its aftermath on George Bush, I and others have photographic evidence that Ray Nagin just might need to share in some blame.

Behold, the New Orleans School System buses — which could have been used to evacuate people:


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  • Jeebus, what an idiot you are. Look at the date/time of the photo brain child.

    Even your repub leaders are admitting their failings. Get over it.

  • Silly Desi. Had Nagin followed his own evacuation plan, he would have seized the buses 72 hours before the hurricane hit to evacuate the city’s poor and disabled.

    I looked at the time stamp. Tragic that those buses sat there unused until the could not be used.

  • I’ve been saying since before it hit; “This man is inciting panic (by claiming the country’s fuel supply will stop and cause massive shortages and gouging), and you watch he’s the type to blame everything on “The Man”.” Well, what he doesn’t realize is, he’s “The Man”. Where was HIS plan. He’s the one in the trench. Troops don’t look for some far-off General to save their butts, they look their Platoon Leader, Squadron Commander, Ship’s Captain, etc. or in reality, their buddy and themselves. No one should live (or be in a public office in charge of) a below-sea-level locality and not have some plan of their own. They must have also had a summer-home in fantasyland to think this wouldn’t happen, and soon.