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  • These comments must have certainly “made your day,” not to mention the reason for them which is so well done. God does lift us up in interesting ways. Lots of fine parents out there. Sort of a pre-Mother’s Day happy “card” altogether. God is so good, gentle, sweet and kind.

  • Thank you so much. The part with “Daddy you’re so mean you’re interupting my dreaming is like waking my daughter each day. She is a night owl like me, and is refusing to see her dad one night a week for overnites (shes just 6) and I AM SO FRUSTRATED. I miss that one whole night to myself. Well, the five or six hours anyway before work. But you have reminded me..it is a very tiny part. I am more happy than I’m sad…Thank You for reminding me I needed it. She is my EVERYTHING. I am off to cuddle with her now.