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The FBI Found Clinton’s Smoking Gun, Threw It Away, and Told Us on Labor Day Weekend

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I’m doing exactly what the FBI, the mainstream media, and Hillary Clinton expect me to be doing today. Nothing. Maybe some football. Not reading through the FBI’s notes on the Clinton investigation.

In this, their scheme worked. Dump the data when America is completely disconnected and distracted, knowing that sometime in the next 48 hours Donald Trump will save Clinton by doing or saying something to make a headline. The country will move on by Tuesday.

But I’m going to be lazy here and rely on the yeoman’s work done by Streiff and Susan Wright at RedState. (Streiff was my original mentor when I diaried there. Without him I would not be much of a writer.)

You really have appreciate the relationship the Clinton criminal empire has with coincidence. Just when it looks like they’ve been vanquished, the arise again like a vampire from the Pit because the wooden stake, coincidentally, was made in China from ox dung.

Take this, for instance, from today’s Friday-before-a-holiday-document-dump by the FBI.

And from Susan Wright:

I don’t know politics and that high-thinking stuff so good.

Not surprising, at all. Anything and anywhere she ever got, she got from riding her husband’s coattails.

Hillary Clinton suggested to FBI investigators in a July interview that she had little understanding of classified information when she served as secretary of state.

Clinton told FBI agents she could not remember ever receiving any training for how to preserve federal records or treat classified material.

“Clinton could not give an example of how classification of a document was determined,” the FBI wrote in its notes.

That’s right. The woman who has done nothing but crave power from the moment Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas (if not sooner) and who proudly bills herself as a history maker, glass-ceiling breaker, and all around, “I am woman. Hear me roar” suddenly goes doe-eyed and pouty-lipped, proclaiming, “I’m just a girl,” when it comes to accountability for her job.

Cue batting eyelashes.

Clinton actually claimed that the “(C)” in a document placed above classified information was some kind of alphabetization. I suppose she gets a “(D)” for dumbass on that.

In the end, we all knew the FBI was playing by Clinton rules the whole time, and whatever smoking gun they might have found is long buried under a super-size tub of BleachBit.

As Streiff notes (and I agree):

On a serious note, this document dump is showing just how deeply corrupt and compromised FBI Director James Comey is. If anyone else in the world had pulled this stunt they would be in jail. As it is, not only was Hillary Clinton not charged but the guy who did the erasing and wiping was allowed to grin, say ‘aw shucks,’ and move on. As Rick Perry said earlier, the man needs to resign.

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