Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton acknowledges the crowd with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe as she arrives to speak at a campaign rally in Norfolk, Va., Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The FBI is Investigating Governor Terry McAuliffe

According to sources talking to CNN the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe. This comes one day after Governor McAuliffe campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

The rest of America is wondering why it took so long. Anyone who has ever paid any attention to McAuliffe knows he is a walking ethics violation. He was one of Bill Clinton’s chief fundraisers and ran the DNC for a time. The Clinton machine pushed McAuliffe aggressively for Governor of Virgina because they thought his ground game operation would help Hillary there.

They got what they wished for and now McAuliffe is going to be a distraction for them.

Of course McAuliffe is now the second consecutive governor in the commonwealth to be investigated. The US Supreme Court just threw out the conviction of former Governor Bob McDonnell, and rightly so. But I suspect the FBI has something more substantive with McAuliffe.

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