The Federal Pro-Life Message

Early 2001, at the beginning of President Bush’s first term in office, Robert Moffitt Senior Fellow with the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, wrote the following:  (Heritage Foundation)

It is often said, correctly, that personnel is policy. The nexus between personnel management and policy management is therefore crucial. Good policies cannot be advanced without good, capable, and committed personnel to formulate, implement, aggressively promote, and steadfastly defend them. Thus, the most important rule of presidential personnel management is to appoint people who are fully committed to the presidential agenda. Moreover, the appointees must be fully prepared to articulate that agenda, effectively defend it in the public forum, and oversee the correct execution of the President’s specific policies by the career civil service.

Last Friday, President Trump appointed Charmaine Yoest to the post of Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services. The National Catholic Register details her background (NCR):

Yoest served for years as president and CEO of Americans United for Life, a pro-life law organization that works to coordinate and support the advance of pro-life legislation, particularly at the state level. She is currently a senior fellow at American Values in Washington, D.C. With a Ph.D. in American government from the University of Virginia, Yoest also served as project director of a national study on paid parental leave in academia. She worked in the White House under President Ronald Reagan in the Office of Presidential Personnel.

For the past eight years, President Obama, along with his coterie of like minded progressive liberal appointees, worked assiduously to retool the American brand into a blend of socialism and democracy. Working and in hand rebranding the American id, he and his trusty sidekick Joe Biden were consistently tilting US social values to the far left.

Our Feminist-in-Chief demonstrated his personal values in areas such as reducing the value of male attributes by promoting the superiority and role of women. Additionally, he brought the entire LGBTQ community into normalized mainstream America, vocalized U.S. support for legalized gay marriage as well as going all-in on the Trans movement.

But where he was particularly vicious was in the pro-abortion arena. Which was not surprising, given as a State Senator, he had voted for the legalized right to murder a newly born baby. In every way possible, President Obama pushed the pro-abortion agenda. The first day in office, he rescinded the “Mexico City Policy”, thereby allowing his administration the ability to fund abortions globally. His largesse to Planned Parenthood can only be compared to favoritism on a Chicago Mayor Daly scale. Through his Department of Justice, he steadfastly fought every state who resisted his aggressive agenda  But most horrifying, was the liberal push for the normalization of late-term abortions.

Most have heard or read about Kermit Gosnell, convicted murderer and America’s most prolific serial killer. For many years, Dr. Gosnell ran the a filthy murderous drive-by clinic in Philadelphia, when he was finally arrested, not one word was heard from our leader duly sworn to serve all of America.

Proverbs 14:34 says “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Righteousness is the respect for and adherence to the rule of law. In discussing a book on Old Testament Theology, The Reformed Reader listed reasons for the importance of the Ten Commandments. (Reformed Reader)

The Ten Commandments are not restricted to geography or history.  Whereas the other laws were intended for Israel in the Sworn Land (Deut. 5:31), the Ten Commandments are not bound by time and space.  They express God’s fundamental moral stance [and are echoed in the New Testament].

Both President Clinton and Obama, in their own ways, displayed breathtaking lack of regard for the rule of law. From the very beginning of President Obama’s term, working with his DOJ hatchet man, Eric Holder, Obama was utterly contemptuous of both God’s law as well as U.S. law. Just as President Clinton’s casual attitude toward sex and adultery filtered down into the psyches and behavours of our children, President Obama’s total disregard for law has resulted in the loss of affection for the rule of law, and a diminishment of our reliance upon it as integral to the fabric of our society.

Abortion is still legal, but the rate of this legalized murder is in the decline, and many states are moving aggressively to slow, (if not end), the practice of abortion. Over the past 100 days, what is most gratifying is our new President’s consistent stance supporting the pro-life agenda.

There is definitely a new sheriff in town, and a new American message being sent worldwide. The federal list of influential pro-life advocates  is growing every day. From our esteemed Vice President to Justice Gorsuch, to Sessions, DeVos, Perry, Price, Yoest, Carson, Pruitt, Yoest, Conway and many more.

While we have miles to go in order to fully recoup true conservative social values, in this one area, finally the Federal Government speaks with the voice of the people. To murder the innocent is a heinous crime which must be refuted and cannot be allow to continue.

This pro-life message is being built person by person within the government, and is reflective of government policy that will bring it’s own blessings over time. It is incumbent upon pro-life advocates to fully support this message, because it is a surety the former President and his Resistance will fight it tooth and nail.

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