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The Future Leftists Want For America – A Really Stupid Swedish One

Sweden is the future that liberals want for America.  So it is wise to watch what happens there.

Feminism, environmentalism, socialism, and every other kind of radical left-wing activism controls life in Sweden.  And their policies reflect the incredible stupidity that you would expect.  (It looks a lot like an American college campus, in fact.)  But the latest demand from Sweden’s Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog, may take the cake for the dumbest left-wing logic ever.

Mrs. Skog wants the number of cars in Sweden reduced, because it is an “issue of gender equality”.  How, you ask?  Because, in the mind of radical feminists, cars are mostly driven by men, and men use their cars to take space away from women and undermine them.  Yes, she really believes that.  (Just don’t tell the mother of three driving the giant SUV to soccer practice.)

“Cars are largely driven by men. By giving the car a lot of space, we also give men space – at the expense of women.”

As a member of the Green Party, Mrs. Skog has had a long hatred for cars, like all radical environmentalists.  On her Twitter, she even proudly refers to herself as the “Minister of Bicycling”, in reference to her obsession with Swedish people riding bikes instead of driving cars.  I have to admit that the feminist bit is a new twist on the old anti-car bigotry though.

All in all, the feminist angle isn’t terribly surprising, considering it’s Sweden.  Just last winter, there was absolute chaos surrounding snow removal efforts in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, when the city completely overhauled its snow removal policies to be more feminist.  How can snow removal be “feminist” or conversely “patriarchal”?

Well, according to the Swedish authorities, more men drive cars, so it is sexist to emphasize removing snow from major highways and roads first.  Swedish Leftists believe that women only ride bicycles or walk on sidewalks.  So they required snow removal from bike paths and sidewalks first before major streets could be cleared.  Obviously, this is the same crazy argument Mrs. Skog is using to demand fewer cars on the road in the name of feminism.

Apparently, these Scandinavian socialists believe women must be too weak, frail, and incompetent to be able to handle driving a car.  In their minds, only big, tough men drive those brutish machines.  This is clear evidence that these European liberals either don’t get out into the real world, or they have never met any real women.  I would say that the average woman in Texas or Georgia could beat the Dickens out of the average Swedish man.

This Leftist argument actually might be the most sexist thing I’ve ever heard.  Mrs. Skog heavily implies that women don’t have jobs, because they don’t need cars to go anywhere.  She also implies women are delicate waifs that need protection from men.  This is the opposite of female-empowerment.  Margaret Thatcher didn’t need protection from Mikhail Gorbachev.  The Soviet Union needed protection from HER.

This is further proof that the Left will never reach an endpoint where they are satisfied with their policy accomplishments.  They always demand more.  There is always another fight.  Everything they do is a slippery slope, and anyone who believes liberal lies will eventually regret it.  The “protected” minorities will always have to be protected from something new.  Grievances become increasingly petty and increasingly bitter.  What sane person would ever imagine that owning cars is oppressive against women?  But that is where Sweden is – the once mighty nation of Viking warriors.

No matter how much the Left takes, they want more.  The American Left has made no secret of the fact that they want to be more like Europe.  Sweden is a warning sign that things can ALWAYS get worse, and that is where America will end up if we let it.

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