FILE - In this Aug. 25, 2015, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, walks with his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after speaking at a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa. A Florida prosecutor's office plans to hold a news conference Thursday, April 14, 2016, amid reports that presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign manager Lewandowski won't be prosecuted over a videotaped altercation with a female reporter. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

The Gang’s All Coming Back: Trump Reunion in the Works?


It appears the fake news isn’t working as well as it used to, so the president may be looking to go back to his pre-Manafort crowd. Politico is reporting that David Bossie, Jason Miller and even former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski may be headed back into the trump fold after a couple of the worst weeks for a president in decades. There is no word about who would be replacing who, if at all.

But one thing for sure is that president trump no longer trusts or appreciates the performance of his current staff. It’s likely he hadn’t considered unfiltered tweets, secret meetings, and impulsive decisions are difficult for anyone to spin into effective fake news, no matter how talented of a dancer you may be. Just ask Kellyanne Conway. If you can’t reach her, she may be in Europe. Which brings up another point here: trump’s staff may be revolting. It’s already obvious that he cannot trust anyone, even in closed door sessions, and everyone around him is leaking their concerns – and trump’s unstable behavior – to the press. It could be that a clean house is a mutually beneficial development.

Jason Miller, currently a CNN contributor, is the most vanilla consideration, since his talents in comms rarely goes beyond the spin room. He’s good at it. Few can stay on message and seque to wherever he wishes like Mr. Miller. And frankly, he doesn’t have a stiff, constipated look when he faces pressure. Built like a mini-MMA fighter, he is generally regarded as calm and likable. Miller suddenly quit last December amid a budding baby-daddy scandal, citing a need to spend time with his wife and now-newborn daughter. May God bless Sean Spicer in whatever he does next.

The return of Corey Lewandowski would be the more surprising twist, considering his reputation for bad team-management and vicious, unsteady behavior. He also quit last year during the primary season due to mounting rumors of infighting, topped with his manhandling a Breitbart reporter who got in his way. As for David Bossie, it would be a gathering of the figures that helped trump lead his competitors and gain the momentum needed to win the Republican nomination for president. Bossie served as the deputy campaign manager for the trump campaign, and is the former head of Citizens United, subject of the landmark Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

The timing could be coincidence, but not likely. Yesterday, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel investigating the Russian hacking scandal and potential coordination with the trump campaign, or its emissaries. This followed news the previous day that trump inadvertently shared highly classified information supplied by Israel with our adversary, Russia, during a private meeting. This in itself was a week after the widely-panned firing of FBI Director Corey, who had been leading the Russia investigations.

It may be this movement simply indicates trump’s longing for life before Paul Manafort & company brought the Russia dynamic fully into his world. (Yes, I am implying this may all go back to one man not named trump.) He’s very clannish, and may be tired of the world he thought he could control. It’s pretty hard to #DrainTheSwamp when you are a part of it, and frankly, helped to create it over the years. Now that he’s become embroiled in Michael Flynn’s troubles and his Press Communications team is unable to find a way to deceive the world’s journalists EVERY day, there may be some comfort in bringing the gang all back that he feels he can trust. Even if they’re not qualified to help run the country.

If you change the wheels, the driver is still just as DUI as before. But, we shall see.

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