The GOP Congress Gave Obama Everything He Wanted In The Spending Bill

Why bother keeping control of Congress when Republicans do such a good job of giving the Democrat in the White House everything he wants? Seriously, other than raising money from people like you and me (I don’t know about you but my phone never stops ringing from RNC cash collectors), what is our party doing to stop the Democratic spend, spend, fund Planned Parenthood, spend more plan?


President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law a spending package to keep government agencies funded into December. The measure also includes $1.1 billion to respond to the Zika virus outbreak, $500 million for flood relief in Louisiana and other states, and fiscal 2017 appropriations for military construction and veterans’ programs.

The continuing resolution was cleared by the House on Wednesday night on a 342-85 vote and earlier in the day, it was passed by the Senate, 72-26. The legislation extends government funding until Dec. 9, when lawmakers are expected to be in Washington for a lame-duck session after the election.

In case you don’t know, the GOP has the largest Republican majority in both houses of Congress since 1931. But you wouldn’t know it, would you?

The House vote, as well as an earlier Senate vote of 72-26, were in contrast to weeks of battles over whether money to fight the Zika virus should be made available to Planned Parenthood locations in Puerto Rico and over emergency aid for stricken Flint, Michigan.

This wasn’t really over Zika and Flint’s water supply. It was over Planned Parenthood funding, period. And the GOP, as it has reliably done since Obama took office, folded like a pair of deuces.

When Congress reconvenes after the election, it’s not going to get any better. There’s nothing more dangerous than a lame-duck session of Congress, with a lame-duck president. Except maybe Donald Trump with sole control of our nuclear codes–but it’s a close second.

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