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The GOP Has a Big Problem Right Now and It Isn’t Trump

Just read these emails I’ve been getting in, by the hundreds, from Republican voters about the GOP scrapping the adoption tax credit. Each quote is from a different email and I have hundreds more.

I appreciate you spearheading this cause. My wife and I became foster parents through FaithBridge this year and this is a very important issue to us.

I’m the school teacher, single mother of one of those adoptive families. I could never have adopted my two daughters without that tax credit.

Thank you! My wife and I adopted our first child in July of last year and the adoption tax credit was very helpful in offsetting the cost of adopting.

Agreed! No problem. This affects our family and many of our friends as well. Praying they see how important it is.

We have an adopted granddaughter, now 13.
Our daughter and her husband said the tax credit made a HUGE difference in their foster to adopt costs, as did their foster parenting income during the lengthy process.

Adoption is very near and dear to my heart, I’ve adopted 3 boys, and I’m in the process of adopted 4 more boys that I’ve personally fostered. They’re all under 10, and I would’ve never known about this travesty if not for you.

Yes…this very important. I will fight this with you.

As licensed Foster parents, my wife and I have had 24 children placed in our care, five of those are still here with us. One of our foster-daughters is in adoptions and we are beginning the process to petition the court to grant our request to adopt her. She has been through a lot and we don’t want any more harm to come to her. Whether this bill passes or not will have no bearing on our decision to make her a permanent part of our family, but having the credit would make it a little easier, financially.

Thank you for standing for adoption. I have nine adopted grandchildren and I know how cost-prohibitive it is to give a good home to these needy children. It is more than disappointing that my representatives would allow this to happen.

My wife and I have been blessed with two beautiful girls through adoption. We will pray along side you (and many more) that our country will see that the adoption tax credit is necessary for families like us.

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