Surrounded by family and supporters, three of five men exonerated in the Central Park jogger rape case stand before microphones, Raymond Santana, second from left front, Yusef Salaam, center, and Kevin Richardson, second from right front, at a news conference in front of City Hall, Friday June 27, 2014 in New York. The New York City comptroller said Thursday that he has approved a tentative $40 million settlement with the five men, wrongly convicted in the 1989 Central Park jogger attack. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

The GOP Should Also Be Concerned By This Trump Statement #QuitOrBeFired

What Donald Trump said in 2005 caught on video tape and only just now revealed is atrocious. It is revealing that Trump is talking about how he treats women. It was not just locker room banter. But it overshadows a far more atrocious comment made by Donald Trump in the past week.

Trump maintains that five black men are guilty of a crime they did not actually commit. The “Central Park Five” case is legendary. Five young black men were convicted as teenagers for committing a horrible sexual assault in Central Park in the 1980’s.

The five teens implicated each other after intense questioning. They claimed they were coerced. Their pleas fell on deaf ears and they were sent away to prison.

In 2002, someone else confessed to the crime and on top of that DNA evidence confirmed that none of the five young men could have been the perpetrator. The DNA evidence matched that of the confessor in 2002. New York paid the five men $41 million after releasing them from prison.

Donald Trump, just this week, insists they were still guilty despite the DNA evidence and confession of the actual criminal.

Republicans were quick to denounce Donald Trump wanting to have sex with a married white woman. They were quick to denounce Trump wanting to grab women “by the p—y.” They should be equally outraged at Donald Trump’s insistence that five innocent men are guilty.

Yes I am aware of the Armstrong Report that concluded the five had to be involved in some way. But the DNA evidence only connected one attacker to the jogger and that DNA belonged to the man who confessed in 2002 after the statute of limitations had passed.

Presidents are to take positions based on evidence. The evidence says the five were not guilty. Donald Trump is wrong to continue to lay guilt on them. And the GOP is wrong for getting worked up over his statements on white women, but not on his statements about five young men whose lives were destroyed.

Donald Trump needs to quit the race or he will be fired in November.

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