The Grace of Former President George W. Bush

Whether you agreed with his brand of “compassionate conservatism” or not, former President George W. Bush remains a classy guy.

While appearing on NBC’s “Sunday Today,” promoting his new book, “Portraits of Courage,” President Bush was asked what advice he would give President Trump.

“I’d say the same advice I gave before: It’s a really hard job and I wish you all the best,” Bush told Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY.

Unlike his successor, when President Bush left the White House, he trusted that the people had spoken and he avoided making any commentary on what President Obama was doing.

In fact, even when Obama was slamming him, Bush remained stoic and in control, letting the words roll on past.


Now, as the nation grapples with a new president, and one who at the very least is equal to Bush in stirring controversy (if not more so), he still has kept his comments cursory, at best.

“It depends on what he asked,” he added.

Noting that he wants to see Trump succeed in office, Bush offered this suggestion to the current commander-in-chief: “You picked some really good people. Empower them and make sure they’re able to give you their unfettered advice.”

By “really good people,” the former president is impressed with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, national security adviser H.R. McMaster, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

He went on to say that while he felt going into Afghanistan and Iraq was the right thing to do, he did regret those lives lost and the injuries some of our servicemen and women suffered.

The new book is a compilation of portraits painted by the former president, and all proceeds will go to benefit the cause of injured vets.

The wild part is that President Bush was never an “artist” until he got out of office, but boredom led him to pick up a paintbrush, and he’s not half bad.

No, he’s no Rembrandt, but given his lack of formal training before then, and the fact that he has poured his heart into these paintings, I’d say he has done an amazingly good job, for a perfectly good cause.

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