The Gray Lady Throws a Hissy Fit

Today, the New York Times has used valuable Sunday print space in order to publicly vent their frustration with White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. The Op/Ed was replete with video, pictures and graphics but woefully short on intellectual honesty. Entitled, “All Joking Aside, Here’s How Sean Spicer Is Shaking Up the White House Press Briefing“.

The NYT ridiculed Mr. Trump mercilessly during the campaign, they assigned investigative reporters for opposition research on the candidate, and they are now the face of MSM resistance to the President. Now, the Gray Lady has the temerity, the unmitigated gall; to complain how the liberal MSM is not receiving the preferential treatment to which they had become accustomed.

Their two primary complaints revolve around which media outlets receive priority in the Q&A phase of the briefing, and also who sits where:

“In the past, White House press secretaries tended to prioritize the reporters sitting in the first two rows.”. They continue, “Mr. Spicer has bypassed this convention. As he goes around the room, Mr. Spicer typically calls on media organizations outside of the mainstream before getting to more traditional news outlets.”

Well to be fair, Mr. Spicer has simply not prioritized them, but has instead prioritized others:

“The first briefing question of Mr. Spicer’s tenure went to a New York Post reporter who wrote a book that was critical of Bill and Hillary Clinton. LifeZette, a website founded by the radio host Laura Ingraham, was first in the second briefing. Reporters from conservative outlets like Breitbart, One America News Network and Newsmax are regularly tapped for questions.”

To summarize: We didn’t get our front row seats. Mr. Spicer called on our local competitor first. He called on Laura Ingraham’s conservative website, and he also continues to give other conservative media outlets priority. We’re also not happy in the fact that he’s allowing questions from media via Skype. This is all so irregular!

The Times along with other liberal outlets received both private and public preferential treatment from the Obama administration, and not only welcomed it, they felt entitled to it. Blind to their own hypocrisy, preferred treatment for conservative media by a Republican President is deemed worthy of a Sunday New York Times editorial piece.

The old Gray Lady has turned into a hag, and today’s editorial is just further proof.



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