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The Hypocrite is a Democrat, So It’s Okay

During the Bush era I never once criticized President Bush for taking the month of August to go to his Crawford, TX ranch. It was not because I was a Republican, but because I know that a President is never really on vacation. He may get to sleep in a bit later, but he is never not the President. The administrative tools of the state follow him. He need not be anchored in Washington except to placate the vanities of Washington’s elite.

I have tried to do the same with President Obama. I do not care that he spends time in Martha’s Vineyard or goes off to Hawaii. I do think it is troubling the President spends so much time, even in Washington, on the golf course and doing so at inopportune, seemingly tone deaf times like just after an American has been beheaded by ISIS. But as I could not fault President Bush for vacation time, I cannot fault President Obama.

I did not fault President Bush when he did not go to Louisiana after Katrina. It was a disaster. Having the President of the United States on the ground would have been entirely disruptive. The fly-over was the right thing to do. But it was attacked as being cold and out of touch. President Bush was attacked as hating black people. The news media savaged him as being out of touch. I think it was all nonsense, but the media absolutely savaged him as did Democrats.

Another person who attacked George W. Bush was Barack Obama. Barack Obama, using a tragedy for political gain, made great public hay out of the need for President Bush to go to Louisiana. He publicly assailed the President as being out of touch and incompetent. He attacked the President for staying on vacation.

Now while the Louisiana press calls for Barack Obama to get off vacation, the national press excuses him. A Washington Post columnist opined that it would all be for show anyway.

You won’t see Kanye saying President Obama hates black people. You won’t see an American political press say he’s being dismissive or absent or cold or unfeeling. After all, it is no drama Obama.

The press won’t hold Barack Obama to the standard they held George Bush to. The devastation in Louisiana is immense. There has been loss of life, loss of homes, and flooding not seen in a thousand years. But President Obama obviously cares because he’s not George Chimpy McBush Hitler Halliburton. He’s a black man, so he must care about the poor, displaced black citizens of Louisiana from the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard. He doesn’t need to show up on the ground in Louisiana to prove he cares about them.

He is a hypocrite. To attack George W. Bush for not doing what he is not doing is hypocritical. The media, however, will excuse him.

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