The Insidious Idiocy of Michael Newdow

Michael Newdow, the man who, without her consent, whored his daughter before the courts to abolish the pledge of allegiance, is at it again.

This time he has filed suit to stop prayers from being said at the President’s inauguration.

The suit is without merit. Mr. Newdow will lose. In the meantime, we should pray for him despit wanting to beat him up instead.

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  • Can someone tell me why the MSM and cable TV is giving this loser any air time? Don’t cover him and he will just go away! He’s a total media hound. His little daughter must be horrified.

  • Actually, him filing this suit….and hopefully…a few more suits like it around election time…is the answer to my prayer. Go Red States!!!

  • John K. you have an evil, diabolical mind…are you one of the Rove Raiders? The “Dunderground” believes they are scattered across the country, hidden away in the depths of the blogosphere….waiting….just waiting…for another November to arrive. They temble in fear!

  • Michael Newdow is probably the most hated man in America because he’s trying to take away what people hold dearly to their hearts, their belief in their Lord. You’re absolutly right, he just wants to be remembered for something big. One thing’s for sure, if Michael doesn’t change his ways, he’ll lose on Judgement day too.