The ‘Intentional’ Non-Terror Bombing Where Trump Says ‘Bomb’

The insanity of whoever set off a large bomb in Manhattan last night, and whoever set off a pipe bomb in New Jersey earlier Saturday only differs from liberal insanity in its violent intent. I would never accuse liberals in the press and in politics of being violent, but their disconnect from reality is just as real.

Mayor Bill De Blasio said that the bomb was “an intentional act” (which is at this point obvious given the physical evidence of a wired-up pressure cooker found three blocks away). In the same press conference, he robbed the word “terror” of any meaning when he said authorities had found “no evidence at this point of a terror connection to this incident.”

Apparently the definition of terror morphs to only apply when a direct connection to ISIS or right-wing anti-government groups is found. It’s not terror when someone merely inspired by radical Islam carries it out. Hence the lone-wolves in San Bernardino and Orlando (and Chattanooga, Fort Hood, etc.).

Terror is terror. When a huge bomb explodes in Manhattan, injuring 29, shattering windows, and causing general mayhem, it’s terror. We don’t need an official connection for that.

Liberals are incapable of being plain-spoken, because reality is too inconvenient for them. And Donald Trump is capable of being plain-spoken about certain things, which angers them to no end.

“Just before I got off the plane,” Trump said at a rally in Colorado, “a bomb went off in New York.” Yes. It was a bomb. It went off.

Compare this to Hillary Clinton, who spoke to the adoring press on her chartered jet, looking like she was interrupted from her hourly nap. “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey,” she said.

First question from a reporter: “Secretary Clinton, do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump immediately stated tonight calling the explosion in New York a ‘bomb?‘”

Clinton answered as if she had not just said “the bombings,” reverting to the word “incident.” Like someone left a pressure cooker plugged in on their front steps while they were cooking up a batch of explosive chemicals, using a cellphone as a timer. Or perhaps Clinton simply forgot the words she herself just used 15 seconds before.

Either the reporter who asked that needs some listening skills, or the question was front-loaded because it’s all about nailing Trump. Or both, most likely. The press is so foaming and rabid to make Trump into a monster (he is what he is, I’m no Trump apologist), that they ignore the fact that a bomb did go off and Hillary called it a bombing to ask a question that was clearly asinine.

Liberals like de Blasio and Clinton, along with the sycophantic press, are just handing the race to Trump by being so absurdly stupid. If Trump wins, we can blame them for it.

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