The ISIS game

A high school freshman from Stevensville, Michigan was injured when a fellow member of the football team put him in a headlock and pretended to behead him in the “ISIS game” that kids are now playing in American schools, according to the local ABC news affiliate.

The pretend-terrorist was actually holding an x-acto knife that severed a nerve in the pretend-victim’s hand, as they pretended to struggle as part of the game. Just a couple of kids having some harmless fun, right?

However, the blood and the cut were all too real. It was no longer fun, nor a game.

But why on earth would boys in school want to emulate the behavior of radical terrorists who routinely enjoy beheading their victims, or burning them alive? By doing so, they appear to glamorize the behavior of thugs and murderers who use their religion as an excuse to kidnap and rape young girls. Even Muslims who aren’t considered radical terrorists but merely devout believers in their religion will kill members of their own family in so-called “honor killings.”

For example, this Muslim father in Ohio decided to teach his 27-year-old pharmacist daughter to respect his parental authority by shooting her twice in the head as she slept. Now maybe I’m just being silly, but I really don’t think it’s going to be possible to ever learn anything again, after your brains have been splattered all over the bedroom wall. Of course, not every Muslim would kill his or her own children, as ask them to become martyrs for their religion.

Only some do. Not every Muslim is a member of ISIS, either. But even one is too many.

Frankly, it disturbs me quite a bit to think that young boys at a very impressionable age would find humor or any appeal in a terrorist organization, or that they would think anything about ISIS was even remotely funny.

But I’m pretty sure I know how to stop it from spreading.

Anyone caught playing the ISIS game needs to be forced to watch a beheading video, or the video of the captured pilot being burned alive as punishment. That should cure them of thinking anything remotely associated with ISIS was playful or fun. Unless you are a sociopath or otherwise seriously disturbed human being with no soul, the experience will have a profoundly negative effect on your perception of these monsters.

Personally, I don’t want to hear the sound of a man’s throat being cut while he screams in agony ever again. Once was enough. Once should be enough for anybody. The ISIS game glorifies and diminishes the actions of vicious murderers by making their behavior seem like fun. Joining ISIS means death, sooner or later. These radical Islamic terrorists will continue to kill, until they are dead themselves.

And no one will mourn them. Death is not fun. Nor is it a game.

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