The Job, Again

You know, I have this habit, much as Christy does, of going off and dreading things, and then getting there and loving them. That happens frequently — it’s like with going to Bible Study. We get home from work, we’re tired, we don’t want to go, we force ourselves to go, and when we get there we love it. You just imagine the worst and it never works out like that.

The traveling up to D.C. and being up here wandering the streets of Alexandria makes it all depressing being away from the wife and child and sleeping on a friend’s couch, but I’ve got to tell you I love this job.

It is almost four o’clock and it feels like I’ve only been here ten minutes, the time flies by so fast.

What a difference a job can make — from the environment to job description to the cooperation and dealings with others, wow.

So, I think I can survive the lonely Sundays because the work week is really phenomenal. No doubt there will be bad days, but I’m much improved from my Sunday funk.

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