The Latest: Election Live Blog – TRUMP WINS

1:07 Per Decision Desk: Donald J. Trump takes Arizona and Pennsylvania, making him the next President of the United States.

11:34 Trump shocks the nation and wins Wisconsin AND Iowa

11:24 Updated vote count: Trump 222 – Clinton 202.

11:13 Utah is called for Donald Trump.

11:04 Trump wins the crucial swing state of Florida.

10:55 Trump wins North Carolina

10:48 The New York Times Live Presidential Forecast gives Trump a 92% chance of winning.

10:37 Clinton takes Colorado.

10:33 Dow Futures down over 700 points.

10:22 Donald Trump wins the crucial swing state of Ohio.

10: 16 The New York Times Live Presidential Forecast gives Trump a 79% chance of winning.

Watch here.

10:12 North Carolina Senator Richard Burr has won reelection.

10:01 Clinton wins the crucial swing state of Virginia.

9:48 Dow Futures plunge +500 over election concerns.

9:41 Live projection from Upshot has the election ending in a tie.

9:29 Senator Johnny Isakson wins reelection in Georgia.

9:26 Dow futures down 450 points as Donald Trump chances continues to improve.

9:08 Vote count: Trump 139 – Clinton 97

9:04 Trump wins Texas

9:03 Charlie Crist elected to congress in Florida’s 13th district.

8:47 The latest vote count: Clinton 68 – Trump 66.

8:35 Trump and Clinton less than 1 point apart with 91% reporting. Waiting on Palm Beach to report.

8:30 Clinton +1.5 in TEXAS with 46% reporting.

8:22 Updated vote count: Clinton 44 – Trump 31

8:15 Trump and Clinton separated by less than 1000 votes in Florida with 86% reporting.

8:08: Marco Rubio wins reelection

8:07 CNN: Clinton up early in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

8:01  Clinton wins blue states, Trump wins red states. No swing states called.

7:59: More updates:

7:57 Clinton off to an early lead in North Carolina

7:53 Clinton leading Trump in Florida 50%-47% with 71% reporting.

7:49 Clinton up 2% in Florida with 65% reporting

7:49 Trump +11 in North Carolina with 13% reporting

7:44 Trump up 2% in Florida with 53% reporting

7:40: Current electoral college map:

7:33: Ohio Senator Rob Portman wins reelection.

7:32 Trump wins West Virginia.

7:26: Clinton up 2% in Florida with 30% reporting.

7:24 Trump advisor: It will take a miracle to win

7:22 Trump up in Florida 51%-46% with 15% reporting.

7:15 Early returns from Florida

7:12: Tim Scott, Rand Paul win reelection.

7:09: NC judge agrees to extend voting hours 20-60 minutes per CNN

7:07 PM: First votes counted in Florida

7:00 PM: Trump wins Kentucky and Indiana. Clinton wins Vermont


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