Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio talk after a Republican presidential primary debate, Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

The Latest Elections Show #NeverTrump Must Now Become #CruzRubio

It is becoming more and more obvious that despite all the conventional wisdom saying Trump can only be stopped in a brokered convention, he can actually be beaten in actual elections. Ted Cruz is doing it. He is doing it in Maine and Kansas — in addition to Alaska, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas. In Maine, Trump had Governor LePage’s support. In Kansas, Rubio had Governor Brownback’s support. In Louisiana, Cruz will probably come in second despite Rubio having former Governor Jindal’s support. In Kentucky, Rubio appears to be serving as Cruz’s spoiler.

The Rubio team, in fact, made a massive strategic miscalculation in talking up a brokered convention strategy instead of a win races strategy. Cruz is winning races.

This past Wednesday, Team Rubio argued aggressively that Ted Cruz’s best states were now behind him and Rubio would start gaining steam. Tonight proves that this was another massive strategic miscalculation.

Rubio may or may not win Florida. Cruz can stop Trump if Rubio gets out, throws his support to Cruz, and Cruz declares Rubio his running mate. The Cruz team would be willing to do this.

For the good of his country, not just his party, it is time for Rubio to unite with Ted Cruz.

If they do it immediately, they can massively shift the momentum, beat Trump fair and square, and go to the convention a united party.

In the best case scenario if Rubio stays in, they go to the convention and fight, leaving a party in tatters and a nation with an uncertain future.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio can and should unite. But it is on Marco Rubio now and on his supporters. If they are truly #NeverTrump, at this point they must be #CruzRubio. Otherwise, they are a cult of personality like Trump’s supporters, unable and unwilling to recognize reality and the path ahead.

For the good of the country, Ted Cruz is willing to make that alliance. Is Marco Rubio’s team willing to do what must be done?

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