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The Latest in SJW: Thin Privilege. You’re Not Fat Enough!

It’s true, you really CANNOT make this stuff up.

A California man claims the fat movement is being taken over by people who aren’t fat enough. Yes, you read that right.

Caleb Luna, an Oakland resident who writes about things he has “learned after living for more than two and a half decades as a fat person” is proud of his size, which apparently is quite impressive. In fact, according to Caleb there exists an entire counter-culture of “fat people” who revel in their largeness.

And you know what? I say “Kudos!” to them. The first step toward becoming a well-rounded (pun intended, though the point is a serious one) individual is to become comfortable in your own skin. Nothing wrong with that at all – aside of course from the numerous health issues that usually result from being obese.

So Caleb has no problem with being fat. In fact he has no problem with being called fat. And again … good for him. No, Caleb’s problem is that what he calls the “fat acceptance movement” is being overrun by people who are not fat enough.

Again, you read that right. According to Caleb, too many people who have come to accept their fatness are just not fat enough. The reason? Well, that’s simple. They’re making poor Caleb feel out of place.

“When a bigger range of people begin to identify with fatness, but they all remain in a specific and smaller range, it can work to reformulate ideas of a standard and acceptable body size rather than integrate fat liberationist ideas of bodies and body size.”

So the problem – as Caleb sees it – is that as the fat acceptance movement (can we just call it The FAM?) – continues to grow (pun intended again), too many of its new members fall into the “smaller range” of fatness. And as Caleb goes on to say, the result is to “marginalize me as a bigger fat person”.

This isn’t Caleb’s only issue with the ever-expanding (yep, there too) FAM. He goes on to decry the “appropriating” of the word “thick” to describe large people because the term apparently gained the “fat” context among African-Americans. So not only are many of the new FAM members not fat enough, those who are white are racist if they refer to themselves as “thick”. Who knew?

This little snowflake – oh, excuse me, he would likely prefer super-avalanche-sized snowBALL – goes on to list four examples of the “harm caused when fat communities focus on smaller fats”. It really is worth the read – assuming you can pull yourself away from the buffet long enough.

Then again, just go on back for that fifth helping; Caleb will appreciate it.

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