The Left Continues A March To Oblivion

Chris Nolan, a lefty I adore, has a good take on Sheehan. Had the left just left well enough along, Sheehan’s message would have spoken more clearly. Now, the left has gone and screwed it up. A grieving mother wanting answers is one thing. But, a grieving mother being supported by all the anti-war Bush haters is totally something else.

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  • Other than encouraging others to do the same (and then not being able to get anything done), if I were the President I’d meet with her. On these two conditions:

    1) No press is present
    2) The meeting is between Bush and Sheehan only
    3) The administration retains the sole transcript.

    Sheehan gets her meeting, but doesn’t get to publically acost the President. The transscript/recording is present in case she decides to later say Bush was rude or uncaring.