The Left Demands Georgia Bow to Hollywood Values

The Georgia legislature recently passed a religious freedom bill. It was a compromise piece of legislation. Supporters wanted it to apply to for-profit businesses. That did not happen. Opponents wanted specific language saying the legislation did not allow discrimination. That was added.

The legislature compromised, but the left wants to compromise. They want total submission.

Disney is threatening to pull is film business out of Georgia if the Governor signs the legislation. Pay no attention to Disney operating in states that have even broader religious freedom legislation.

The NFL says Georgia may put its Super Bowl bid in jeopardy if the Governor signs the legislation. Pay no attention to the NFL considering two other states for that Super Bowl, both of which have religious freedom legislation already.

What does Georgia’s law do?

  1. It says no preacher can be forced to perform a religious service in violation of his faith.
  2. It says no religious organization can be forced to hire people that disagree with the religious tenets of the organization.
  3. It says the government cannot force a business to stay open on a Saturday or Sunday.
  4. It specifically says the organizations cannot discriminate against protected classes of citizens.

The legislation also includes the federal RFRA language that Bill Clinton signed into law.

That’s it.

It does not apply to for profit businesses at all. It only applies to religious organizations. It prevents Christian organizations from being forced to hire Muslims; it prevents Muslim organizations from being forced to hire Christians; and it prevents either from having to hire atheists.

But the left will allow no accommodation for religious entities. They have flat out lied about the contents of the legislation. They have spooked good people into believing things about the law that are not true.

Now that have summoned Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood to threaten the economic future of the state.

I hope Governor Deal will side with Georgia values and not Hollywood values, but he is not tipping his hand. Concurrent to all of this is a news media in Georgia that has run propaganda story after propaganda story on the legislation, blatantly misrepresenting it.

Georgia is being made to care.

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